10 Uses for Lip Balm

Lip balm is and can be used for many different things. Have you tried using lip balm for all of these uses?

Treating Chapped Lips

This one is obvious and is the primary reason we use lip balm. Our lips tend to get dry and cracked. By using lip balm we help treat our lips and prevent them from becoming chapped. 

Moisturizing Dry Skin

Lip balm can be applied to select places on your skin. It’s useful if your skin is starting to crack, as it treats your skin the same way it treats your lips.


Are you out of glue? Most lip balms should work as a light adhesive. Works great for applying paper to a wall or posting notes as sticky notes on your desk.

Sun Protection

Select lip balms can be used as sun protection. For example, Blistex medicated lip balm contains 15 SPF sunscreen. It’s meant for the lips, but can be applied to smaller places on your body such as your nose.


If you can’t find a writing utensil, you can always grab your lip balm and write down a quick note, reminder, or number.

Hair Gel

Out of hair gel? Applying lip balm to your hair can help keep it firm, depending on the length and type of your hair. 

A Snack

If you’re hungry and don’t have any food on you, you can always try to eat your lip balm. It helps if your lip balm is flavoured, scented, and does not say “Do Not Eat” on it. Please note that this use is not advised unless necessary and safe.


Lip balm can be used as lubrication for various things. It might not be appropriate to lubricate everything with lip balm, but it certainly makes for a good lubrication substitute.

Air Freshener

Does something stink in your household? If your lip balm is scented, you can apply it to various items, surfaces, or persons within your house, workplace, or wherever you happen to be. 


If you enjoy doing friendly pranks on others, lip balm may have some uses for you. You can apply it to a door knob of an unsuspecting victim, or any other ways that don’t harm people. 

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