Your Best Options for New Floors

Don’t you just love the look of a brand new floor. The slick waxy sheen of hardwoods or the cool glint of tile. You have more options than you might think so when you start to remodel, look at all the different floors available and choose the best ones to suit your family. Some people like the plush feel of carpet, some like non dust catching veneers. And those who are into energy saving and the ECO system will choose bamboo. It’s a grass that grows quickly and replaces itself in a very short time.

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When remodeling, don’t forget your floors. They are the first thing visitors see on entering your home. When considering floors, ask yourself how high is traffic in each room? Do the kids play here? What about pets? After asking yourself how each room is used, choose your best option. Some of the good but less expensive floor coverings follows.

Engineered woods are thin layers of wood covered with hardwood veneers. They resemble solid hardwood with good looking grains and textures and are best for dining rooms, dens and living areas. They shouldn’t go in bathrooms or kitchens where water spills or wet feet can cause damage. For the better product look for more and thicker layers. Top of the line has 7-9 -plywood construction and multiple coats of finish. It’s easier to install than hardwood and can be walked on the same day. It’s about $3.50 per square foot.

Carpet is better for bedrooms and other rooms where you walk barefoot. Synthetic yarns offer high style, durability and stain resistance. Stain resistability is woven in the carpet and never wears off. Easy to install squares lets you create unique styles anywhere. Average cost is about $2.50 per square foot.

Ceramic tile is durable and looks good and is easy on your pocket book. It’s best for bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere you need water and stain resistance floor

Cork is durable and snaps together without glue or nails in installation. It’s made in pressed sheets that come from wine bottle stopper industries. Colors are pale beige to rich chocolate. It’s good for kids rooms and anywhere you want cushy feet. It costs about $4.00 per square foot.

Bamboo is made from fast growing grasses that are harvested frequently. It’s pressed into planks that are harder than oak, water resistant and naturally sustainable. It’s preferred for ECO reasons. It’s good for any room including kitchen and bathrooms. The planks self lock without glue. Cost is about $6 per square foot.

Measure and multiply the rooms length by the width to determine the square footage. Buy an extra 10 percent in case of future repairs or current mistakes. Lay your floor covering out in the room where it’s going to be installed. Let it sits there for 72 hours to get acclimated to temperature and humidity. Clean the sub floor and remove any nails or staples on the surface. Lay plywood on top to create a flat surface. Rent a flush cutting saw to make getting in tight corners and under cabinets easier.

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  1. a useful advice

  2. Helpful tips. My family found wooden floor difficult to maintain and so we used ceramic tile as a replacement.

  3. I believe I would go with the Eco friendly options if I was starting from new.

  4. wow, very nice

  5. I like wooden floors, but ceramic is the best for the kitchen.

  6. I choose ceramice tile since it is easy to be cleaned.

  7. Nice and helpful tips, thank for sharing

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  9. The smell of a new carpet is lovely.

  10. Thanks for all the great tips! My mom had our basement remodeled and now she just has to choose florring.

  11. Just did all my floors last year– you certainly are a wealth of good information Ruby :)

  12. A useful advice

  13. Maybe I should try bamboo. They are abundant and cheap in my place.

  14. Some great advice for new floors. Sounds like quality advice.

  15. I love wooden floors, Ruby. Thanks for the advice.

  16. Good to read from you again. Interesting…

  17. We replaced all our floors with tile when we remodeled our home a few years ago. Except for our living room and family room where we placed wood flooring. I enjoy the fact that I can just sweep and mop all my floors, with two large dogs, it’s much easier.

  18. in the living and bedrooms i prefer carpet gives it a more warm and comfy setting especially as kid likes to play on the floor with his cars. In kithen i wouldnt mind wood or ceramic/stoned depends size of kitchen. I like your article good tips though your price range is for the states.

  19. Floors are decently expensive.

  20. Very useful info here – most of which shops and franchises forget to tell you!

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  23. Floors are so important! Thanks for highlighting the different options.

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  25. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and give a nice finish to a room.

  26. I would love to have new tile floors.

  27. I’ve lived with a number of floors and I think hard-wood floors are best for people but may be somewhat problematic for pets because they will slip and slide and then when they jump off of stuff they may get hurt.

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