Top 10 Uses for a Rubber Band

A list of the top 10 uses for a rubber band, apart from flicking paper…

  1. Wind a thick rubber band around a water leak in a garden hose, or thin pipe, to make a temporary repair. Stretch it as tightly as possible. The rubber will plug the gap and its waterproof.
  2. Wind around a candle to stop wax dripping down onto a surface, or put it at the top and stop waxing running down the candle. This makes it last longer.
  3. Fasten pigtails, or pony tails.
  4. Secure glasses or protective goggles to your face and stop them sliding off while you are working.
  5. Use to make a book. Fold your paper in half and use the rubber band to make a spine.
  6. Wind a rubber band around each end of a chopping board to prevent slipping. The rubber grips the surface.
  7. Wind around the handles of knives to stop them sliding around in your hand as you chop food, especially if they are wet.
  8. Wind around screw tops on bottles to help you get a better grip when twisting them off.
  9. Expand the waist band on your pants, or skirt. Loop the rubber band through the button hole and fasten to the button. This can give you an extra inch.
  10. For kids and the elderly who may find it hard to grip a drinking class, especially when it is cold and slippery, wind rubber bands around to give a grip: Good for anyone with arthritis.
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  1. Very good tips. Most of them I have never thought of but each suggestion is very practicl.

  2. Interesting! …especially items no. 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

    Rubber bands can also be used for magic tricks….

  3. Never thought about some of these before! well done!

  4. I learned afew more things!

  5. Nice.
    I also use rubberbands as chip bag sealer.

  6. Great tips! I usually have rubberbands handy.

  7. This one kwl. But I have to agree w/ anciet wisdom! i printed it off and plan to put it 2 da test @ my school.

  8. Don’t forget that rubber bands are a great weapon in cubicle wars!

    But you don’t want to use them in your hair – EVER. The rubber will grip the hair and can cause it to break.

  9. YOU ARE DUMD!I have a project on rubber bands so i google it and i get this!THIS IS AN OUTRAGAGE!

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