Tips for Removing Above-Ground Swimming Pools

If you are moving to a new home, or just want to move your pool to a different part of your yard, read this first.

Above ground swimming pools are a great option to go for if you want a swimming pool at your backyard. You can fix them easily and you don’t need to waste much money on it too. You can get these pools fixed at any desired place, if only you have the enough space to accommodate one.

Since swimming is a great way of relaxing body and a great exercise, and since above ground swimming pools are cheap to afford and are easy to install we see a lot of these pools around our places. Many people around the country are preferring these pools over the other pools now a days because of their price and ease of installation. Then why not go for one?

But sometimes, you have to remove these pools owing to some conditions. These conditions may be anything like shifting or changing home, changing the place of the pool, or any technical problems of the pool. In such conditions you have to remove the above ground swimming pools. In such cases, follow some steps to remove the pools effectively and easily.

Moving an Above-Ground Swimming Pools

  • Before removing the pool, you have to remove the water from the pool. Since it is an impossible job to take off the water with the help of buckets, go for sump pipes to drain out the water.
  • Remove the lights, skimmers, returns and any other thing attached to the pool.
  • Remove the covers of the top seat ledge.
  • Remove the top seat ledges too.
  • Remove the joiner plates and the top rail.
  • Find the wall bolt joint on the pool wall correctly and remove it.
  • Now, with the help of an other person remove all the wall bolts and other hardware.
  • Now, start pulling the wall out of the bottom track. While you remove the bottom rail, roll it up for an easier carrying. Once you have removed it completely, tape the roll so that it stays as a roll and doesn’t unroll.
  • Next, pull the bottom rail, bottom rail plates, and the uprights out from the ground.
  • Now carefully remove the uprights from the joiner plates.
  • It is better to separate all the hardware and store them separately so that you can use them again easily.

Thus you can remove the above ground swimming pool easily and carefully. Be gentle throughout the process of removing it. Store different hardware in different bags and place all the bags in a single place. Now, you can easily fix the pool in a new place and at any place you want it to fix.

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