The Most Strange and Bizarre Homes in The United States

Check out these really strange and bizarre homes in the United States. Some of these homes are pretty unbelievable that people actually live in them.

Are looking for a new home to purchase?  How about living in a home that is totally unique and will most likely not be duplicated?  Well, you are in luck then because now you can purchase or even build whatever your heart desires when it comes to a house.  But, what if I want to build a home shaped liked a UFO?  That would not be a problem. anything you can think of can be done for your new home.  You want to live in a home shaped like a shoe, a Hershey’s kiss, a car, or whatever else you can dream of, then it can be built for you.  The only question is how much are you willing to spend and whether you care that you will be the talk of the neighborhood.  You want to see some examples of homes that have already been built and have people living in them?  Then check out the homes below for some strange and bizarre homes.  All of these homes are located throughout the United States. 

Architect Bart Prince’s Home.  Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The UFO Spaceship Home.  Chattanooga, TN.

Boeing Airliner Home.  Benoit, MS

The Shoe Home.  Hellam, PA

Falling Water House.  Frank Lloyd Wright Designed it in PA.

The Pickle Barrel House, Michigan.

The Steel House resembling a Giant Pig.  Lubbock, TX.

Well, has this given you some ideas for your new home?  And remember these are just the ones in the United States, there are lots more spread around the globe.  So, go ahead and be unique and build your home to resemble anything you want.  So what if it pisses the neighbors off.

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  1. Oh, really interesting.

  2. awesome!

  3. looks like a tale…
    great article

  4. very good article Mitch – i would have to say my favourite was the Boeing house

  5. Cool, I love unique homes.. some of these are really ugly though, lol. I love the Frank Lloyd Wright house.

  6. This is actually a very cool post. I can definitely see how this relates to finishing a basement…the entire square footage could be considered a basement!

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