Ten Ways to Make Your House Look Better

You may love your house, but are there some things that you can’t just decide? Like what color should you paint the sun room? Or, should I replace that old table? And maybe even, what wallpaper should I get? Here are ten ways to make your house look even better, put questions to rest, all without breaking your budget (hopefully).

Paint Jobs Need an Opinion

If your deciding to paint the room, pick a color that your whole family agrees on. If it’s someone’s room, make sure to check with your 14 year old daughter about that light shade of pink, or your son about that deep navy blue that your about to paint his wall with. Once you and your family have decided on what color your going to paint a particular room, it’s time to choose a shade. If you are positive that you are going to paint the room, then buy very small bottles of different shades of one color from a paint store and test it out on the wall. Remember, you are eventually going to paint over those streaks on the wall. If you’d like, maybe invite an interior designer over to your house to see if the furniture matches a particular shade. Make sure to get your whole family’s opinion, before they bicker about how they hate that color and you have to buy two cans of paint, instead of one. If you are thinking about doing a design on the wall, like the picture below, it’s better to let the interior designer do the job.

Painted Room

Let there be Light

You can’t really see that wonderful new furniture of that great shade of light blue on the wall if it’s to dark! Open the window shades more, letting in more light. Maybe even replace those old blinds with some curtains, to match the furniture and wall color. Sometimes, windows don’t even have blinds, letting in light all the time. In rooms with high ceilings, putting window way up there can show off a lot of light, and be harder to get blinds on them, so leave out blinds (and definetely curtains) for those high windows.

Old is Sometimes Good

Sometimes, and old nighstand with chipped yellow plate, complete with silk flowers and books in the bottom shelf, will look really good in the corner of the family room. Or maybe an old straw basket to hold the fruit in the middle of the island in the kitchen. Things like these usually blend in with the modern furniture today because they create a vintage home-sweet-home look. Take torn jeans from the store, for example. If people will buy that, thinking it looks cool, it’s probably the same with furniture.

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  1. Excellent tips, thanks.

  2. Wow, this article would be of great help to our family since we would be renewing our house maybe next summer.

  3. Great advice. Thanks

  4. Some times when you think something looks perfect you check over it to see it again. Every now and then give the house a few touch ups. If you have a bunch of flowers in a the middle of the table. arrange the flowers in a nice way, presentate them nicely! Use your creative side!

  5. I really enjoyed this! Nice job!
    It’s always fun to change things around a bit! And in rooms that just don’t seem to ever have enough light in them, try some mirrors set at strategic points on the walls. They’re fairly inexpensive, don’t require electricity to ‘work’, and help to make rooms appear larger as well as light and airy! :)

  6. A great article, and a lot of different things to think about. I am just too busy writing for now to make any changes in decorating or other things. Maybe I will print your article and keep it for further use. Thank you, Janet

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