Saving Energy Around The Home

We use energy every day however not all of us realize there’s so much we can do to save it. With energy bills on the rise saving energy should be made a priority.

Energy saving Bulbs 

One of the most easy cost effective ways that we can save energy is to replace all of our light bulbs in the house with ecoefficient ones. These are the bulbs with out any filament light that take a quarter of the energy and give out as much light. The new generation of bulbs have so many advantages over its predecessor’s. They last up to 10,000 hours before failure and they are very reliable.

The only bad side to these bulbs is the cost, to replace your entire house it would cost you around 3 times as much, however within 3 months the extra money that you spent would be shed off your electricity bill, and this means your bill would be less in future.

Evaluate your home and look at potentially large sources of energy, electric heaters are one major source but look what your family, spouse and kids have gotten plugged in, you maybe surprised!.

Monitoring your energy

Most energy companies will send you a free energy monitor that you can use to monitor the energy and overall cost an appliance, or group of appliances is costing you. This works by plugging into the socket and then measuring the energy taken from the appliances plugged into the monitor. This can be useful if you have a few appliances plugged into one extension lead, simply plug in the monitor and the plug in the extension lead to the monitor.

Last minute checks

Each time before you leave the house or go to bed go around and make sure that all non essential appliances are turned off. It doesn’t take long to nip around and check each room and also it will help you get into a routine of doing this. This is a good practise to get into, it might not seem like much but by doing this you will have saved over 250 hours of usage a month. It all adds up!

Getting the best deal

Its hard to know which energy company is the best and cheapest at supplying your energy. The best way to keep track of this is to keep a dairy of your energy usage. Keep a not of your meter readings each month and use this to compare your usage. This is good practise as you need these readings to get an accurate quote when looking at other suppliers online or over the phone.

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