Save on Electricity with a Humidifier

You can save on your electric bill and breath more comfortably. Any kind of humidifier will do but for daytime use, an evaporative type of humidifier is very effective and less expensive. It might be a bit noisy for night, although on a low setting it is less noisy and might work quiet well. By properly humidifying the air your skin will be more moist and comfortable and sinus irritation should be avoided.

Save on Electricity with a Humidifier

A properly humidified home will not only help you breath better it will also reduce your electric bill. A room humidifier typically uses less energy than a 100 watt bulb. If you buy one that switches on and off it will use less energy than listed. You should save more energy than the humidifier uses. Depending on your climate, you will save 1 percent to 2 percent on your heating bill for each degree you lower your furnace or heat pump.

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One or two room humidifiers are usually enough for a reasonably air tight house. Older, leaky houses may need larger capacity models. For daytime use, an evaporative type humidifier is least expensive. It may be noisy and not best in a bedroom, although the low setting on some models are quiet enough not to interrupt sleep.

If your kids are easy to get colds a warm mist humidifier would be a good bedroom choice. The steam mixes with room air before it comes out so it’s not too hot. Germ free models include a purifier chamber to further sanitize the flow of steam. Another kind uses ultrasonic waves to create water vapor mist. These are most energy efficient, using about 50 watts of electricity.

The amount of moisture that evaporates from your skin is greater when the air is too dry and can make your skin itchy and uncomfortable. It can also irritate your sinuses. Running a humidifier can prevent uncomfortable itchy skin and irritated sinuses. It also helps save energy by reducing the chilling effect of the evaporation of skin moisture. By properly humidifying the room you can set the thermostat lower and stay warm comfortably.

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    the cost of the extra products to alleviate the problem outweighs the benifits. besides evaporative humidifers are way to expensive and noisy. get an warm vapor humidifier from wally world or a drug store. they cost about 15 bucks. better yet, get an hygrometer. it tells the humidity indoors. you might not even need a vaporiser. depends on what part of the country you live in.

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