Salt Water Swimming Pool Versus Chlorine Pool

How to choose between a salt water swimming pool and a chlorine pool.

Salt water swimming pool is the best swimming pool you can have at your home. Besides being a better choice over chlorine pool, a salt water swimming pool has many benefits to it. Now a days, many people, who are getting new pools fixed, are going for salt water pool and many people are getting their chlorine pools changed to salt water pools. The major reason for the salt water pools being preferred is it has many benefits over chlorine pools.

But it doesn’t mean that water in a salt water pool doesn’t have chlorine in it. The water contains chlorine, though in minimal amounts. Because of lower chlorine levels and a bit higher pH level, salt water pools doesn’t affect the skin. In the case of chlorine pools, people get burning sensation, itchy feeling of skin. Sometimes, it causes dry skin and it may harm hair.

Another advantage of salt water pool over a chlorine pool is that a salt water pool is very easy and less expensive to maintain. One needs to add chlorine tablets to chlorine pools regularly. But this is not the case in salt water pool. You just need to add some salt now and then and because of the electric system, it generates chlorine. In this case too, salt water pool seems more beneficial.

Though salt water system is a bit expensive to get installed, in long run you ave all the money you have spent on installing it. The chlorine tablets needed for chlorine pools are very costlier than salt. This saves a good amount of money every year.

Salt water systems have a system installed to clean the pool by themselves and you don’t need to worry about cleaning the pool. It is a very great thing as in these busy days, one doesn’t have much time to give for pool cleaning. But in chlorine pools, you need to place a little floater on the surface of the water all the time to prevent the water from getting dirty and to keep the water clean. You don’t need to place these things if you have a salt water pool.

The control box present in salt water system, which changes the salt, checks for the purity of the water and cleans the water regularly. This doesn’t need your presence at the pool. This saves lot of your time which is not possible in the case of chlorine water pools. You just need to check the pH level of the water occasionally.

You can clearly see that a salt water pool has many benefits over a chlorine pool. It is very advised to go for a salt water pool and i a few years a chlorine pool may certainly be hard to find.

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