Salt Water Pool Maintenance

How to maintain a clean pool when you own a salt water pool.

Do you have a salt water pool? Are you wanting to know the difference between salt water pools and regular pools? Are you wondering how to keep it nice and clean so that you can make sure that other’s think your pool is the cleanest? Well, there are many ways that you can maintain your salt water pool. You need to be able to keep a routine maintenance schedule so that you are able to ensure that your pool is properly cared for.

One of the items that you use to help maintain your salt water pool the easiest is a salt chlorination system. This item makes salt water pools a lot easier to use. This also will help to reduce the maintenance that you have to do, compared to that without a salt chlorination system. A regular pool requires you to shock the pool with large doses of chlorine, but with a salt water pool chlorination system does not require you to ever have to shock your pool.

In regular pools, the chlorine combines with the waste material of the pool. This is usually nitrogen or ammonia type items. The regular pools maintenance schedule uses the chlorine combined with a mono, di, or tri chloramines. Trichloramines are compounds that are associated with community pools or extremely dirty private pools. They have strong chlorine smells. The chlorine in the pool also burns the eyes and skin which makes you smell like chlorine after you are done swimming. The only way that you are able to get rid of the smells is to shock the pool on a routine maintenance schedule every week.


The pool maintenance for a salt water pool is obviously a little different than that of a regular pool. The first thing that you have to do is look at your swimming pool. If it is clean and sparkly, you have a very good filteration system, and the chlorine for the week is good, as well as the water balance is probably great. Next you will have to look at your salt water unit. If indicator on the production scale is glowing, the unit is producing chlorine. This is a normal thing for your unit to do. The unit produces chlorine every hour for roughly 5 to 10 minutes. If the unit does not glow at any time during the hour, you will need to make sure that your unit is properly working or if it is clogged or needs replaced. You must check the salt level of your salt water pool roughly every 6 months. If you live in an area where the weather is bad and you have a lot of rainfall, you may want to check the salt level of your pool more often. You will have to clean the cell to make sure that the calcium deposits do not result in any loose of chlorine production form your unit. This needs to be checked every week with your routine.

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  1. I have a Jandy System how do you clean the cell?
    I am beginning to see what appears to be Algae build up (green) on the pool. What do I need to do?

  2. how much salt goes into one gallon of pool water? how much does it cost to get one of these pools?

  3. gal water X 0.025

  4. Hi,

    I have a salt water pool 25′ round.
    I’m having a hard time with algea in the bottom of the pool.
    when i vac i then have to refill the pool which changes the readings of my water again and again
    i know i must be doing something wrong
    i can’t imagine having to vac a pool this often and having the water go out to waste..

    please help if you can


  5. what is causing white flakes to be blown into my pool. I have the Intelichlore about 3 years old. White residue in the spa too. Ive cleaned the salt cell however it returns a couple to three days later. How do I keep the flakes out.


  6. 0.025 what?
    tsp, Tbl, oz. cups, pints, lbs?

  7. I was wondering what a neighborhood pool would have to do if someone “poops” in the salt water pool? Do you have to shock it like a chlorine pool?

  8. Thanks for posting this! I actually think I’m going to hire someone to clean mine instead of try to do it myself. In that case, would you happen to know someone who does commercial pool cleaning in Mesa, AZ? Thanks!

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