May I Use Your Bathroom?

How do you tell someone no when they ask to use your restroom? And the bathroom story of my day.

Hi everyone, Allison here again.  Today is Saturday, November 7th, and I just must get a few things off my chest.  This story is for all of you out there that like to keep a clean home.  This is for those of you who may be somewhat borderline germaphobic, like me.  For those of you who even try to avoid, at all costs, using public bathrooms, or any bathroom other than your own for that matter.

One day, well Thursday, November 5th to be exact, I had a friend over.  We were getting along, sitting at the kitchen table and talking.  Oh, I need to explain something first.  I have this sort of rule in my house.  It is a Shoes Off rule.  As much as I make an effort to not step into anything when walking outside, I just know that the bottom of my shoes are less clean than my house floors so therefore, I take my shoes off at the door.  It is something that some households do and some don’t.  But I do.  So when friends come over, they know to take their shoes off.  Ok, back to the story of my friend and I talking in the kitchen.  Kellog, my cat came right up to DJ, this friend of mine as soon as we sat down.  With all my energy, it was close to impossible to pull him away from DJ’s feet.  Kellog’s nose was practically glued to DJ’s feet.  I was so embarrassed, I blurted out that his feet must really stink.  Well sure enough, minutes later, I started to notice that my kitchen smelled like bad foot odor.  Oh, and let me remind you that I am borderline germaphobic!  I keep a clean house and clean body as well.  So I was mortified.  I didn’t know which was worse, smelling his feet or having him wear his shoes. 

Well, I just grinned and bared it. 

Shortly thereafter, he said he would be right back, that he needed to use my bathroom.  I mentally pictured his germy feet trotting through my lovely and clean home, one step at a time, till he arrived into my bathroom.  I don’t like when anyone uses my bathroom.  If I had a guest bathroom, I still wouldn’t like it.  He comes back to the kitchen and we’re soon back to friendly chatter. 

Minutes later, and I swear this is no exaggeration, the whole house starts wreaking of stinky bowel movement.  Really stinky bowel movement.  I started gagging while trying to keep a cool face.  I didn’t know how to conduct myself, I was so horrified.  Strangely enough, Kellog also seemed to disappear.   

The friendly visit came to an end and we bid each other farewell.  I didn’t want to go near the bathroom but I was drawn to it with strange curiosity.  I wanted to see if there was evidence that would explain the awful odor.  Guess what, there was!

The toilet was littered with speckles of extrament stains.  I didn’t know how to react.  I went running for bleach spray and sprayed the whole toilet and all surrounding areas.  I washed the area twice and still didn’t feel like I would ever be able to use my own bathroom again.  With paper towels and cleaning fluid kept on the top of the toilet, I could not understand how someone would dirty something and not think to clean it up themselves.  People are so weird sometimes.

The moral of this story is that when someone asks if they can use your bathroom, say no. 

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  1. Oh my God. This is horrible, I mean, the stains and the smell. Didn’t you know your friend is *stinky*? ))) On the other hand, you cannot fully control every single movement of whoever comes to your apartment )))

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