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Are you tired of looking at your over the hill kitchen? Do you want it to look more welcoming and inviting?. If so, you can redo it to perfection without spending an arm and a leg. Paint works wonders and you can provide the elbow grease. Maybe you can even get a friend to pitch in. The kitchen is the most used room in the house and it should be a place family and friends enjoy fully. Make your kitchen a welcoming place to come home to.

The kitchen is the center of the home. Smells of roasting vegetables, stews simmering, bread baking and peach cobblers draws everyone to the kitchen. Creating a welcoming kitchen relies on color that doesn’t compete with the meal cooking on the stove. White is an obvious choice. It reflects light which is good, but it can look stark. You can counteract by using a light or tinted beige, pale shades of gray,blue or yellow. These colors work especially well if your cabinets are white. Pale yellow, gray or blue cabinets go well with white walls.

Modern kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Careful use of color,light and space will give your kitchen a particularly attractive look. You might paint your walls a light color and paint moldings a bright white. If you like the tidy look, cabinets that will hold all your cooking necessities are a must, rather than pots, pans, and baskets hanging out for all and sundry to see. Whatever you prefer, the kitchen is a place for accents. Such as colored bottles in the windows, handsome but simple storage canisters, and a large beautiful black bowl for an arrangement of apples.

Fix a wooden shelf across the window to hold colored bottles and the light will reflect across them beautifully. Use space over the cabinets for beautiful pieces of pottery and other pieces such as soup tureens and large vases. Pleated shades in the windows are interesting, a floral or check to contrast with walls and cabinets. For light yellow or light blue walls, a blue check against a yellow background will go well, or for florals, blue flowers against a yellow background.

Balance pale shades of wall color with dark flooring. With wooden floors, make sure they are well varnished and sealed to resist spills and wear. It should be retreated every couple of years. Good quality vinyl flooring is durable and easy to clean, and it’s softer underfoot than wood. If you have children vinyl might be your best bet.

Different kitchen styles go in and out of fashion. In the sixties it was plastic and chrome. In the seventies it was the rustic look. In all the variations a constant factor is clean smooth surfaces for hygienic food preparation. Nowadays granite counter tops are the rage, but they are expensive. Concrete works just as well and is just as beautiful when prepared correctly. If you choose to use concrete, be sure to see some of your contractors work before employing his company.

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  1. Helpful tips. My kitchen walls need a new paint, especially the ceiling.

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  6. My kitchen walls need a new paint, especially the ceiling.

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