How to Fill an Empty Wall with a Wall Collage of Framed Pictures

A brief discussion of how to create a unique wall collage of framed pictures.

How to fill an empty wall with a wall collage.

Have you ever walked into a home and been struck by an empty wall.  You cannot help but wonder what might fill that space.  In your mind you can see a picture, a painting, or perhaps a mirror. An empty wall is a blank slate waiting for you to create something exciting that will show off your house. Here is an idea for hanging a collection of pictures to create a wall collage.

The idea is to create a group of pictures, hanging in varying lengths by wire or twine.  Your sense of style may dictate that all the pictures are of a theme and all the frames are of the same general design.  Or if you please, every frame and picture can be as different as salt and pepper.  This is your project and you can create it to please yourself.

First measure the space you are trying to fill. If you are a visual person, draw a rough sketch on paper to get an idea how it might look. Use your imagination to see how many pictures you want to hang.  When you have a good idea of what you are creating, you need to shop for a sturdy wall hanger. You can often find this item at your local home center or decorating stores.  Look for a hanger that has 3 to 6 hooks.  Wall hangers are multipurpose items and can be used to hanging pictures, rugs and drapes.   Look for something long enough to stretch across the blank wall. If you don’t see what you want at the store, check out the store’s organization aisle and look for a wooden shelf or moulding that could be turned on a side and attached to the wall. If you attach some hooks from the hardware aisle, you could make your own wall hanger.  Making your own hanger requires some creativity, but you might just make something unique and stylish.

Once you have purchased or created a hanger, mount it securely to the wall with screws or solid connectors.  For strength and safety, make sure you mount the hanger to a wall joist.  Depending on the weight of the pictures, you could pull the hanger off the wall if the hanger is only attached to sheetrock.

Once you have the hanger secured to the wall, use twine, wire or strong string to hang picture frames from the hooks.  Use longer and shorter twine to vary the height of each picture on the wall. Experiment with placing each picture and create a pattern of frames which appeal to your own sense of style. 

Good luck and enjoy the project.

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