How to Decorate Your Bedroom: Six Easy Tips

Here are a few tips on how to decorate the room and keep it clean at the same time.

Decorating any room can either make it look beautiful or just cluttered. It can be easy to do
both simultaneously but hard if you do not know how.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1. If you are doing a different paint job for the walls make sure you know the exact color. Make sure it is a color that you don’t mind looking at for a long time. You can always look for the meanings of certain colors so you can get a mood in your room. Red can be either the color of love or anger so make sure you know what you want.

2. Make sure you know how big some of the sides of your rooms are. You may be getting new furniture but some may be too big or too small for that certain room.

3. You should go to the store, if you can, when buying furniture and other decorations. This is so you can measure it can see if it will work with the theme of your room.

4. Get a lot of accessories that will help you decorate your room. Curtains for the windows, bed sheets, paintings or pictures are always a good choice. If you are getting a theme for your room make sure you are buying things that relate. If you want to make a room decorated with music, maybe a few pictures of your favorite artists should go on your walls.

5. Make sure you have enough dresser and hanging space so you can put all of your clothes in a space. This will keep your room organized and clean. You could also look into buying storage hangers for your shoes if you don’t have a lot of space.

6. Always do small cleaning habits everyday to avoid a huge chore in two weeks. If you remember to make your bed, put away your trash, put your dirty clothes in a hamper and hang up your clean clothes your work would be 3/4 done.

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