Five Very Easy Steps to Downsize and Declutter Your Life and Home

Quick and easy steps to achieve your dreams of a clutter free environment.

Are you feeling brave and want to downsize and declutter your life and home but don’t know where to begin? Start with your surroundings and put yourself in the frame of mind that you are about to move to a home half the size of your current space. Add to the scenario the idea that, in your new home, you will be living a deeply satisfying, simpler lifestyle. Following is a workable plan that will bring immeasurable results:

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1. Designate four empty boxes and write the following labels on them:

* Trash

* Sell

* Gift

* Decide later (date the box 90 days from today)

Your trash box will contain all items that are broken or in general disrepair that no one would want.

Your sell box contains items that you’d like to sell on Ebay or Craigslist or at a garage sale.

Your gift box contains items that you know a friend, co-worker or family member would really value, use and enjoy.

Your decide later box is dated 90 days in the future because there are some items that you may have a hard time parting with but don’t actually use or plan to fix/repurpose or whatever reason you keep giving yourself to hold on to it. After 90 days, if you find that you still did not use it, toss it in your sell or gift box.

2.  Start with one room at a time and analyze each possession. Keep only the things you truly value or use on a regular basis. Enjoy listening to your thoughts as you think about your values, what you value and why. These thoughts will come in handy when deciding whether or not to make future purchases. Anything that does not meet your value/use criteria should be placed in one of your four labeled boxes. Remember at all times, the idea is that you are moving to a home that is half the size of your current space. Keeping this idea in mind is critical because  your desire was to downsize and declutter; which sometimes requires brutal honesty and action.

This step can be broken into one room per day or the entire house in a weekend. The key is not to spread this worthy task out over too many days because you don’t want to lose momentum.

3. Take immediate action on the trash, sell and gift boxes. The point is to declutter your environment. As soon as each box is full, dispose of the items quickly.

4. After you’ve finished this project, think carefully about all future purchases. Ask yourself why you want to buy the item, does it fit within your value/use criteria, can it wait? Less frivolous purchases adds up to less clutter and more savings in your pocket.

5. Last but not least, enjoy your new decluttered environment, feel how nice it is to live with less ‘stuff’ – less stuff to clean and move around, more clean empty spaces to spotlight the items you really care about!

 Leah Bayaka

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