Easy and Cheap Kitchen Makeover Ideas

This is an article giving a few easy ideas about kitchen makeovers on a budget.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. But perhaps this is more than just a comfortable old saying. After all, the condition of your kitchen is directly related to the value of your home, much like our own hearts are integral to our overall health. Whether you are thinking about selling or just want to give your kitchen some open heart surgery, here are a few ways to easily improve this valuable space yourself without breaking the bank.

First – clean your kitchen well. Give it a complete scrub by washing the inside and outside of cabinets, cleaning your appliances (in, out and behind!), clean the floors, walls, windows and backsplash. Purge your cupboards at this point and put unused articles aside to donate or sell at a garage sale. Once the kitchen is clean and organized, your vision for the kitchen will be clearer.

Next – make a repair list. If anything needs to be repaired, such as leaking faucets, broken tiles or cupboard doors, these need to be your first priority. Assess each item and decide whether it can just be fixed or needs to be replaced.

Once the kitchen is clean and repairs have been made, then the fun begins. Make a list of what you like about your kitchen and what you dislike. Be specific – to say you dislike everything about your kitchen will not be helpful. Think about layout, colour, natural light, flow, traffic patterns, durability of surfaces, storage, appliances, needs, etc. Chances are by spending some time thinking about these things, you will be better equipped to prioritize the changes that will bring the most enjoyment to your life.


If you want, but cannot afford new cabinets, there are several ingenious ways to upgrade your existing ones. The most obvious way is to repaint them and most types of cabinets can be repainted quite beautifully with the proper preparation. The quality of the outcome is directly related to how much care and work you put into the preparation. Remove the hardware and doors and clean well with TSP to remove grease and grime. Use a good quality primer and two coats of good quality paint. Allow surfaces to dry properly between each coat for best coverage and durability. Although this can actually be a lot of work and somewhat time consuming, it is also extremely cost effective.

When thinking about colours for your cabinets, consider dark shades like chocolate brown, green, red or even black. These colours are easy to coordinate and can act as a sophisticating force for the kitchen. Black base cupboards and cream upper cabinets can give a nice French bistro appeal when combined with decorative elements like wood and steel. Faux finishes such as crackling and over-glazing work surprisingly well on old kitchen cabinetry.

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  1. excellent ideas!!! just wish you had some comparable prices i.e. how much the tiles for the counter would be..

    other than that excellent help…thanks!

  2. This was a great article! I wish you had pictures of some of the ideas.. for people like me who need to SEE it. thanks for the ideas!!

  3. Yes i am the same way looking for pictures to get ideas from, and change them to my style.Thanks for these ideas.

  4. I agree with everyone, would be nice to have some pictures to see the ideas, but it was a great article


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