Decorating The Bedroom

Decorating can be fun, but it is also about making the right decisions. You want to enjoy your handiwork for a few years before doing it over again. Look carefully at the colors. Take you time and check how your favorite colors look together. Go to your paint store and look at the paint strips. Place your colors side to side. This is the best test. You can also go to the fabric store and place the colors you choose together. This should give you enough information about matching colors. Now choose your favorite colors with confidence.

Decorating the bedroom can be an enjoyable experience. Choosing the perfect paint and fabric can be a little daunting, but don’t let it get you down. Think of the size and shape of your rooms. If you want your small bedroom to appear larger, think light colors. White painted walls reflect the natural light and make the room appear larger. Rattan is a good choice in a small room because it doesn’t eat up space. Airy furniture lets you see through things and makes the room feel more spacious. If your room is large and you want it to appear cozy, use darker colors. Some people are not interested in making the room appear cozier or larger, if that’s the case, go with any colors and furniture that suits your fancy.

Do you like wallpaper or paint? Painting is much easier for the inexperienced but papering isn’t difficult when you get the hang of it. You can put new molding around the windows and ceiling according to your preference or simply paint or paper completely up to them. Your room will be beautiful either way. Any size room needs a focal point. Use a large piece of colorful art or a large decorative mirror. A nice big quilt is also a beautiful focal point.

A bedroom is much more than a sleeping space. It’s also a quiet retreat to leave the world behind. Quiet colors set the stage for relaxation. Pale blue and light tan are good colors for relaxing. Light beige walls and a darker brown rug goes well with a pale blue bedspread and blue and beige patterned curtains. If you like wallpaper, a beige and brown patterned wallpaper would work well, or a beige and light blue. A slipcovered chair or two would look well in light green. Lamp shades could be light green, plain or patterned. Pillows of beige, blue and green for the bed would fit nicely. If you are repainting furniture, beige would be a good choice, it will fade into the walls, making the room appear larger. Clear varnish would be a good choice if you like the look, just be sure to sand the pieces of furniture well before varnishing.

If you want a cozy bedroom, go for darker colors. Maroon and brown walls are popular. Orange, yellow and blue goes well with either of those colors. Maroon and silver patterned wallpaper is attractive. A light gray-silver bedspread with maroon curtains and deep gold slipcovers are a good match. Lamp shades could be gold patterned. A deep gray rug would look good in this room. Make bed pillows of, maroon, silver, and gold. Paint or varnish any furniture in the room a dark color. If you would like a touch of orange, feel free. Add any colors that will bring out the look you want. Best of all, enjoy the experience of decorating.

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  9. I love this article. I think I might just try the pale blue and tan. Thank you so much!

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  15. Loved this article. I love to paint and add new things to my house. Now wallpaper I hate to do or remove. But there are so many different ways to paint.

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  20. We have carpet in our bedroom I would like to get rid of that and have a rich colored wood for the floor, B complains that it would be too cold in the mornings, perhaps a throw rug would work. Carpet is not my thing.

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  22. Great suggestions, Ruby! I love decorating because I find solace in making my space beautiful. I am particularly fond of red and maroon hues as touches to my room. I tend to use red and gold together with other natural, muted tones. Also, I love to decorate the rooms of my house with my artwork (I have a lot of paintings and drawings), mirrors, and family photos. I am especially fond of mirrors because they can really make the room feel larger, especially if well-placed. Thanks for sharing these great ideas and inspiring us!

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