Cutting Utility Bills in a Mobile Home

Here are some cheap ways to lower your light bills in a mobile home.

Mobile homes sometimes have higher electric bills, especially during summer, than a regular home because of the metal roof. In fact, this can double your light bills! But there are a couple of tricks around this and they aren’t very expensive either. Coating the metal roof with a substance called Arctic White Cool Coat is the first step. This material rolls on just like paint, but forms an insulating barrier against the heat. Two coats are required and this can be found at any hardware store.  Make sure the entire roof is evenly covered.

The second trick is indoor window tinting, also available at any hardware store. Make sure the entire surface to be covered is clean, then wet the surface to be covered and spread the film evenly with a squeegee, making sure that all the air bubbles are out. Window film that is mirrored on one side works best, just make sure that the mirror side faces outside.
Trick number three is to make sure that the weather stripping around the door is in good shape and has no gaps. Check the weather stripping around the windows as well. And double paned windows help cut down on air leaks as well. Putting skirting around your mobile home makes it more attractive, keeps most varmints out, and keeps the cold air from blowing up under the house as well.

Doing all of these steps actually cut down our electric bill from $450 a month in the summer to $220!

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  1. You are right. Mobile homes require specific steps to cut utility bills.

  2. great share

  3. You have no idea how helpful this is and I will pass this on to several friends
    I am just wondering how to link it back to you ..I am still learning this online writing thing
    Can I write an artice, expanding on yours and including your link.Is that legal??
    i was thinking about checking the prices here at Lowes for the products ..what can I do to help??

  4. I don’t see a problem with linking something back to this article, especially since you I am so glad I was able to help you. It really did work for us. I think checking the prices and including them would help too. Duh-uh, I didn’t think of that since I wrote this at 3 am

  5. Wow, great savings for low cost solutions.

  6. That’s the whole idea.:)

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