Cleaning The Bathroom Naked

Why cleaning the bathroom in the nude is a good idea.

If you are reading this, then I guess it’s true: using the word naked in the title gets people to click. Would you have clicked here if the title was just “Cleaning the Bathroom”?

I actually do usually clean the bathroom naked. Don’t picture it. It’s not a pretty sight. I don’t do any other housework in the buff, and I have an ensuite bathroom with no window. I don’t have B Nelson’s lack of inhibition, or her body.

I do have a couple of good reasons for this uncharacteristic behavior. There was an incident a few years ago involving bleach and one of my favorite t-shirts. Then there is the little perspiration problem that started sometime around my 40th birthday – the one that reminds me that I am still hot, it just comes in flashes now. So by cleaning without clothes on, I won’t be getting any clothes sweaty or bleach spotted. Also, I have a big jetted tub that I can’t clean without standing in anyway, so I figure I might as well get in and then I can shower when I’m done.

My hubby thinks it’s hilarious. He asked me why I don’t clean the tub after my shower, so it stays clean. I said that I am cleaning off a week’s worth of soap scum, and then I can start this week’s layer. Plus, by cleaning first and then showering, I don’t have to worry about getting Lysol on myself, because I will be washing it off right away.

So is this officially too much information? Regretting your decision to click? I must add this caveat: don’t try this anywhere except at home.

Photo of a shiny clean tub – By author (had to take a picture while it was clean!)

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  1. I fully understand. I always clean the bathroom right after my bath before I get dressed. It seems sensible to me. You don’t get your fresh clothes wet and I, like you, get very hot and prefer to cool down before getting dressed. An enjoyable read.


  2. Could this be a universal? After all, if you are already in the shower, what better time to give the corners a fast scrub.

  3. I use to clean showers,bathtubs,and toilets,and just like you sometimes would clean the showers the same way in the nude.But only if I had the keys to the place,and had locked all the doors…so know what your talking about,and that’s what made me read it…..good article here………

  4. LoL Karen – I do indeed understand the issue at hand. I do though tend to do it in my undies – which is frightening enough :-)

    Of course my undies are some very strange colours these days, but I figure most people aren’t going to see them on a normal day anyway.

  5. i clicked with a sense of foreboding… thinking “no… please tell me Karen, that wonderfully nice lady from up north, hasnt sold out to crudity like the rest of us…” and was treated to an adorable little piece. my wife does the same thing, and i give her the worst time about it, :) wonderful write, my dear.

  6. hehe… i would have still clicked if you had not mention naked because i am quite finicky when it comes to cleaning my bathroom so any tip is welcome

  7. Yeah, your title made me click. I was just wondering why you like to clean the bathroom naked.

  8. Lol. Great title. It got me to click. Not a bad idea to clean the shower naked because like you said you can take a shower right away. Just be careful you don’t slip in the tub.

  9. You’re right the word naked made me click. Don’t you get cold cleaning in the nude? Fun post. You made the Hot Content List with your naked title.

  10. You are so right, your title was deliciously tempting. Yes, many of us do it, but good for you for telling the whole world. I love it!

  11. Lol, very nice write; entertaining.

  12. great title! got me curious plus i do clean my bathtub same style…… only makes sense clean-shower- and i am still clean. kudos ,dear.

  13. Aye! Gotta watch out for that bleach! I have work pants with bleach stains but I guess I am in style.

  14. Excellent! Your first paragraph made me and my sister laugh. Thank you for the info. I’ll have to try it – maybe I’ll like it, especially in the summer here in Phoenix, AZ.

  15. Very nice. I clicked it because I was wondering if they let “NAUGHTY” articles on the site. I think it is funny how you made the top list and I do feel that it is all because of the word you used in the title. Very clever, very clever indeed. There is a game that my family plays were after every sentence you say, you need to add naked at the end. makes for some funny conversations. Maybe I will have to add this game to Triond when I post. Every title MUST end with Naked or something close to it.

    Thanks for the post.

  16. Such a nice article. I clicked because I was wondering if you had same reasons as I do and yes you do(Well not all of them). lol. I clean with bleach and I don’t like it to get on clothes. It’s hard to be careful with bleach while cleaning a bathroom with clothes on because you may lean against something that you wiped with bleach. On the other, I use to wonder about, what if I get bleach on my naked body(you know those other areas at the top and bottom)lol. I get in the shower after cleaning. This article is a good read and laugh. :)

  17. Good title!I clicked it because I thought there is something else. Very funny and enjoyable to read!

  18. I’m going to try your idea about useing “Naked” in a title, it got me to read! you could have said “Buff the bath in the buff” i still would have read it ! liked the idea, good write.

  19. Well, I must admit, it was something about the word NAKED that made me click. I was like, “What is Karen talking about?” I don’t think I’ve ever tried cleaning the bathroom while naked, but I’d love to see/hear my husband’s reaction. I might have to try it real soon.

  20. Not sure if the word naked was what caused me to click. Definitely a combination of naked and cleaning made me wonder what it was all about. If the title were, ‘Why I shower fully clothed’ I would have been just as likely to click and see what kind of looney person was writing this article. ;-)

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  22. Very nice and sentiment …understood! ;-)

  23. Very awkward… I clean my bathroom… clothed because the bases in the bathroom can literally burn your skin off and… it seems… right to do…

  24. hehehe, thanks for this article, I found it interesting

  25. I support your articles. The title did not make me click. I am happy to give you my view. You make complete sense in your post.TX

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  27. lol id add my 2 cents but im still looking for my G string

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  29. very clever idea to draw traffic.

  30. good idea…

  31. LOL!

  32. welding in the nude wouldn’t be fun, though

  33. Ah, the joys of marketing.. Im surprised how many females clicked because of the word naked in the title.. hmm…

  34. Good article. Cheered up my morning.

    I don’t think the word “naked” made me click it directly but it certainly made me notice the title before the others in the list. I think some more research is called for! LOL

  35. Lol Great story! I used to get bleach on my jeans from bending over the tub. You’ve certainly suggested an alternative, thanks!

  36. hehehe… I think I’m going to try cleaning my kitchen nude… lol

  37. Your name is enough for me to click. I’ve always loved your sense of humor. Back in the old days, each of us washed our own set of clothes by hand and what better way than to wash it naked and then shower.

  38. Thank you for this funny tips!

  39. Great idea, i don’t do it though. I will advise my sweatheart after we live under one roof lol. i may not stop starring though!

  40. That is truly entertaining.

  41. Fun article and Great title!

  42. Lol! Those who have never done it should try it. It’s cooler and no matter your age you do get less sweaty. It’s also more fun-you can splash as much as you want and not worry about getting water splashed on your clothes. Not for winter though, unless you’re using a lot of hot water.

  43. ha ha it does make sense.thxs for the share.

  44. As always, good writing Karen. Love it and a neat idea

  45. Great article! You make some valid points! I say, if it suits you, then go for it!
    It is also a cute idea for an article!
    And I promise I won’t clean in the nude anywhere but home!

  46. Actually, I clicked to see if it was true that people use specific words in their titles just to get their article read …. I think it is true

  47. Hell, I always get naked to clean the bathroom…then I just hop in the shower afterwards…

  48. I know where you’re coming from, I do it all the time. Always made sense to me! lol Great read, Karen!

  49. it is a brilliant idea. i used to clean the bathroom in a naked too when i was a young children. but now i don’t have a chance to clean the bathroom as the job has been taken by my younger brother. anyway nice share.

  50. I like your article.
    I envy your bathtub, you must have lots of money :-)

  51. Great idea. Only one thing si to be careful in choosing the chemical used for the actual cleaning.

  52. Nice idea :)

  53. Hi Karen!
    Yes, your title is cute and your method of cleaning makes since. I haven’t cleaned my bathroom naked before but I have cleaned it in my swim suit.
    Merry Christmas,

  54. Clever, both the title and the technique

    yeah I only clicked due to the fact that i was a tad surprised at the title, and curious of what it was about. I laughed.

  55. I’ve cleaned the bathroom naked, and no, I would not have stopped and read this if it hadn’t included the word nude. Maybe I’ll include nude in my next article?

  56. Nice idea… but do it when alone…… LOL

  57. karen, i clicked this article in my dashboard because i saw your name… okay, okay, i clicked this article because of the word naked!

  58. Me too, I clean the bathroom naked. lol

  59. wow look at the comments, this is in fact, an attention grabber.

    I have never thought of cleaning the bathroom naked.. Dear God, I am a germaphobe..

    cheers, great article!!

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