Cleaning Rib’s and Inflatable Boats

Are you struggling to get your RIB or Inflatable boat clean? Is it made from Hypalon or PVC Material?

If you are looking for a cleaner that is kind to marine life and will effectivly clean Hypalon and PVC RIB tube material then RIB REVIVE is the product for you.


There are many different boat cleaners on the market and to be honest most are just made up of a normal cleaning detergent and struggle to clean the tube materials completly or they tend to leave a streakyness on the tubes. Rib Revive has been specially formulated to clean both Hypalon and PVC whilst being bio-degradable and so is harmless to marine life giving you the option to use this product both on and off the water.

Rib Revive is great to use for the restoration of RIB and inflatable boat tubes and has it’s best results shown when used with Rib Conditioner – A new Tube Conditioner also formulated for Hypalon and PVC materials which will be avliable for sale on within the next 3 weeks.

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