Why is Triond Better Than Other Profitable Sites?

Triond and other pay-per-post/click or view sites. The good + the bad and why I use Triond.

Triond – One of the most popular money making sites.

Triond began in June 2006 and has been rising higher in popularity in the past months!

What is “Triond”?

Triond is a company that pays you for creating content! Example- you write an article on drugs they look at it if they think it’s acceptable they will publish it on a website for you, the more views you get on this web-page the more money you earn.

I’ve been doing it for a few days now… all I have is a few cents!

This is where most people quit because they think they are going to make money very rapidly. Articles take time to become popular and you just have to wait – to optimise the waiting time I have a few tips:

  • Make an interesting heading so it sucks the reader in
  • Use a lower heading such as I have
  • Use paragraphs
  • Decide what you are going to do first and make sure you know something about the subject
  • Make it something important in life or something interesting
  • Plan it – The most important thing set it out on a piece of paper to maximize your ideas
  • Tell your friends to go to your URL of the site it was published at
  • Use “Email Sharing” to send the Web-page to your friends and family
  • Blog it, Digg it and other sites that can promote your page. .

Make more then 3 – 5 articles, this helps a lot as it maximizes profits very quickly.


Most people say big whoop I made $4.00 this month that’s useless! Ah but this is being very pessimistic. Ever seen a gaming site that you thought that you would love to go premium in or become a member etc like Runescape or Pogo – This is ideal site to allow you to use them.

Ok I’ve got $3.00 coming in this month… How Do I Get Paid?

You have a choice; either get paid via Paypal or a get a check through the mail.

Paypal: (I recommend it) Go to www.paypal.com or .au for Australians and register a “PERSONAL” account its free so don’t worry. Put your real information in address etc. NOTE: You do not need a credit card for this!! And you don’t have to pay any fees for each transaction.

Check: Well this is un-used due to you have to give your address etc to Triond, and the other problem with this is you have got a $3.00 check fee for every check that is sent. This means that you might end up losing profit.


I choose Triond over other money sites because it’s much simpler and the other sites aren’t that trust worthy and some done even pay or have a very high minimum payout! (Triond minimum payout is $0.50c). Another benefit would be writing articles as it your creative writing and grammar skills.


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  1. how much money have you made?

  2. dont post the stuff here because i will probably never go to this page again. LOL

  3. I’m also new to Triond. However, I think your article is very informative; reading your piece motivates me to write even better. Keep good articles coming. I’m in the process of completing my first article.

  4. I learned something. This was good.

  5. This site pays fast and so much higher and faster. for every article they accept you get between $3-$20. For each article. You can also submit videos and audio, pictures, all for getting paid.. nothing beats this site. click on the image below to check it out.

  6. Associated Content has been the best such sight I have encountered so far. But I’ve only been Digging into this stuff for a couple of weeks. Now I will go see what elese I can Stumble Upon. I just need to get into My Space and breathe! But I guess I’ll try on Triond. Can’t hurt, right?

  7. Yeah but Youk want you to write regularly otherwise they shut you down. No good for people just wanting to post an article or two

  8. i hate this =)

  9. I made 4.60 in two days youve just got to know what to riight

  10. Very informative. New to Triond, thanks for the information!

    Jacqui51 :o )

  11. thanks for the info…
    i’m also new in triond…
    haven’t started yet though

  12. Great article thanks Jessem

    Also new to Triond and any information shared by the more experienced people invovled with this is worth its weight in gold. Have articles to post so think for sure I will register with Triond!

  13. Yo, this is a cool article. I’m surprised that your only 14. I’m actually 3 years younger, but that doesn’t stop me. Although my articles haven’t got many views. I did only join like a week ago though.

  14. Hi,

    This is a great article as I am new to Triond and still wondering about the benefits. The website says one of the benefits is that it created a portfolio for you. Do you know how this works yet if you want to show your work to an editor or publisher?

  15. Hello I have my own account too! It is very slow but I’m working my butt off so i suspect It’ll get better. By the wayyyy….. I’m glad to see all the views on this page! I’m so happy that your making money! Congrats and keep up the good work!

  16. Good piece of information. I have not written any article in Triond yet but posting quite a number of photos and home cooking and baking ideas.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Haha I was the 99th person to click “I like it”.
    Keep up the good work. :)

  18. 101 votes now, gratz :P … Dunno if ‘votes’ is the good word for it though.
    Nice article, nice tips :)

  19. Very nice guide i needed a website like triond becouse i wanna buy membership on Runescape, and paypal is the only way to make it since the land i live in. and since im too young i needed a way like this to make monney. i was going to quit triond but your article inspirated me to keep writing. Good luck and thx. 111 th to click “i like” by the way

  20. Very nice work I agree with you
    all the way! Keep on writing!!


    P.S. I would love for you to read
    some of my articles and I’d gladly read more
    of yours!

  21. i wrote 7 articles but i didnt get any $$$

  22. Hi, thanks for the article, it’s very informative. I first thought i need to pay to open up a paypall account and was sceptical about payment, but it works :) slowly but it does work, thanks

  23. Thanks this was very informative for me! Will write better!

  24. i have a problem on triond all my article are declined what can i write about?

  25. Thanks man, just one question? How long does it take to have something published?

  26. Excellent article, I agree with you.. I have been writing for Triond since Oct. of 2007. I have gotten many poems and articles published. Wehn you can, go check them out. Keep up the good work… That is one of the problems with this country now, as individuals, we must grow in patience — in how things come our way… smile… Take care and be safe, stay focus in all you do…

  27. i think i will join

  28. oh and thats runescape membership btw

  29. I completely agree with your article – Triond is wonderful! It might start slowly, but its like a domino effect – and soon you will be making millions!!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  30. very interesting

  31. My works starting to pick up now, nice advice :D

  32. I’ve been writing for AC too, but since I don’t live in the States, and I can’t delete my content from AC, I quit it. Plus, I made more money in a month here in Triond with just 4 articles (okay,’was just less than a dollar) than with over 20 articles on Associated Content in 4 months.
    I write for a quite specific audience, so I don’t think one article can make me one or two dollars a day (coin collecting is not that hot, you know) but now I’m widening my scope and trying to write at least one article a day. Go Triond!

  33. iv been on triond for wat 3 days now, got 71c but iv been digging and all of that crazy and atm i have 7 articles up and and 6 pending so aiming for 8 dollars by end of month!
    and 10 by end of february.you just have to promote your articles to make cash.

    Look check this out

  34. have you tried paid the fastest?


    its how i got my membership :)
    and its only $3 min payout!

  35. Others pay tuppence at least triond will pay a few cents

    for money is not my real aim

    I wish Triond gets me my Nobel fame.

    I am due for it,

    do you know?

    thats why I am ”Anon” before I go,
    This also my Yahoo fans know.

  36. http://www.relijournal.com/Religion/God-and-Evolution.470571


    Help me make money :) lol

    bet your loaded from this post mate :)

  37. http://www.picable.com/Art/Photography/The-Werm.76690




    help me out lol :)

  38. I agree. Triond is not an easy way to make money, but they really pay what they owe. That is the most important thing for me. So many articles to read around as well.

    Oh yeah, and dont forget to socialize as well. All money come from a network.

  39. I’m still writing for another site, but I am going to quit and come back to Triond. I loved that site but it just didn’t make the money fast enough like the other site I write for. They’re changing things for the worst now though. (I think when they did their taxes this year, they paid out way too much, flipped out so they’re trying to lower the pay without telling anyone)

    Triond has easy organization, easy to write for because of it and puts the articles where they belong, not just on one site.

  40. Just a thought but is it only triond writers who surf triond sites? It seems so and as such the potential for earning will be very low.

    Surely it’s better to write for an editor who pays a liveable wage?

  41. yes i agree we should plan and promote our articles

  42. Excelent!!!

  43. where you see your views/day of your article?

  44. Great article, i’ve been writing for a while now, i’m 14 and this site rocks, i’ve been trying to get some xtra cash to pay for med school!! in 5 years i think i should have lots more, so PLEASE check me out!!!
    226# person to like it :D

  45. I feel the same way. I was with a writing program that paid more than Triond, and sometimes I didn’t get paid.

  46. There is a website better than triond and it is called Bukisa.
    Its faste free and easy to join. Just put your triond articles onto there and watch the money come in.

    Here is the link and join my network.
    copy and paste in into the address box
    If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on triond

  47. Exellent and very informative.


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  49. http://gameolosophy.com/games/online/runescape/runescape-55/

  50. http://gameolosophy.com/games/online/runescape/runescape-55/

  51. Hey guys,
    just here to tell all the haters something
    everyone thinks triond will give u pennies for ur efforts, but i am only 13 and i have gotten 13 dollars last moth
    i only have 3 articles and one made over 7 dollars
    i plan to write 50 so peace

  52. This was very helpful…Thank you very much!
    And this is my first day in Triond…wish me good luck!

  53. Amazing!! You must be making a ’small’ fortune on this article alone! You’ve got top rankings in Google. Congratulations on your Triond success.

  54. I scrolled the page to the end and found it was powerd by Triond. :)

  55. You should be a millionaire, if you made that much money

  56. useful and simple.

  57. WOW… You sure have made a lot of money with this article :D

  58. very useful article..people, if you want some information about money online, you can visit : http://www.advicesmoney.blogspot.com

  59. Can you post a follow-up to this please … thanks :)

  60. Thanks for your article. TRIOND is even easier than adsense nowadays.

  61. I agree with Ishinimrod that in some ways ‘triond’ like sites are better than adsense. I have good
    experience with adsense as I owe few blogs. Adsense earnings are very low but if you participate at these community based article submission sites, you get more exposure and money as well. Right now I have good experience with Factoidz which not only pays the adsense revenue share but activity bonus as well. It is very much like triond.

  62. I am new to triond testing the waters to see what happens

  63. I got 500 view within 24 hours of publishing my experimental article!

  64. I recently discovered Triond and I published an experimental article I called How Much Will This Article Earn? and got 5,000 views in one week! It was fun so I decided to write more in the future. I think we just have to promote it well in order for us to get views. Sometimes I just post the article to my facebook account and get atleast 200 a day from it. Twitter is also a good source of views.

    Keep on writing! Goodluck!
    -The Triond Experiment

  65. i agree triond has no match.

  66. I love your article and also reading tips from other Trionders on the comments section.

  67. Nice article…. keep it up
    fake Rolex Explorer watches

  68. thanks.like your share.

  69. nice article. i also have an article published on triond it’s topic is the 4 pillars for sure success.

  70. I like the TRIOND, it’s good than any other money making source, this was told me by Best Home Business finder company, they’d given me a list of home businesses from which I can get more and more money at home by working ;-)
    Well, they also told me a system about alive matrix , which is offering 2% per day on investments. But I don’t think that it may be real, anyone have idea for that ?

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