Removing Wrinkles From Tablecloths

A simple trick to remove wrinkles in tablecloths. No longer do you need to iron. Saving you time for other preparations.

Storing tablecloths will inevitably end up with wrinkles. Ironing tablecloths take a lot of time and space to do an effective job. This is typically time you don’t have if you are planning a special occasion or event. Tablecloths add to any festive occasion. They can change the look of your dinning. And it’s basic function, to protect your table from spills and heat. Ironing a tablecloth is a chore. It takes time. Not to mention the space needed to do an effective job. This tip will change the way you do this task forever. The easiest way to care for them is to not worry about it until you need to use a tablecloth. Then place the tablecloth in a dryer with a wet washcloth. Run the dryer on the highest heat the tablecloth can handle. After a few minutes, longer for extreme wrinkles, remove the tablecloth and place it on the table immediately while still warm. The moisture in the washcloth helps remove the wrinkles and revitalizes the fabric. No longer do you need to iron your tablecloths. Time has been saved! This is an effective tip and one that will change the way you approach the task from now on.

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