No Cost Work From Home Jobs

The jobs listed are real telecommuting jobs. Don’t pay for work! Check out these sites!

Tired of looking for a work from home job, and thinking you’ve found one only to investigate and discover that the company you think is going to give you a job actually expects you to pay them?! I’m a mother of three that has spent countless hours scouring the internet for a way to make a living from home so that I could have more freedom and more time with my family. I’ve gotten my hopes up only to do further research and find that the “job” I had become interested in was a scam.

The most important thing I have learned from my experiences is that you don’t have to pay a cent to find legitimate telecommuting job listings. It can cost you alot of research time but it does not have to cost you money. Here are some work from home job listings I’ve found that don’t ask for money. I can’t guarantee that all of these companies are hiring right now. But if your serious about getting a real telecommuting job I think these links are worth checking out.

And, these are not affiliate links! I won’t get paid anything for referring you to these sites thats not what this list is about. I just want to help you avoid the scams.

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  1. unfortunately their are alot of scams out there that prey on people who are just looking for a good job.

  2. Thanks for the info. I will check a few of these and let you know the answers I get.

  3. Bookmarked it. May come in handy.

  4. im looking for a job from home with no cost to start

  5. If you live in Houston, Texas area and and you want a job working for yourself please contact me at 1-409-443-6273 24/7 please be serious about this and you will enjoy making a lot of money…

  6. I have to stay home now and take care of mother and 27 year old nephew in wheel chair,and I sure need a job from my home.One that does not cost money.Or if it does take it out of first check.Need job real bad. Thanks

  7. im in need of a job im 22 yrs and got three kids t stay at home with my two littlest a 2yr and a 1yr i want to work from home that is legit and no money to start, and get sapid every week or two weeks thank you

  8. Im looking for a job were i dont have to pay anything to work just get paid

  9. I am 27 I have 5 children and I am living in a 2 bedroom apartment I cant afford house payments since I am a manager and under paid by far just looking for money to make without having to come up with money to do so Please Help My Family

  10. I am tired of people trying to make a buck at others exspence. Most work from home jobs arescams which you already know all data entry jobs from real employers do not require any MONEY you send your resume and they will contact you if you meet there qualifications. Dont be fooled my the website either i went to research it and you do nottalk to a real live chat person as they state you talk to an automated machine that types in the same answers over and over no matter what you say so larry is a scam artist as well or he does not check the placesthat he advertise please do not pay for any data entry jobs you will be scamed!

  11. I have worked in an office for years. I am so tired of office politics. I would like to find a legitimate online job that I can do at home for a reasonable number of hours each day and make a decent living without having to deal with all of the garbage that goes on in a regular office. If you have something like this available contact me at I am not a lazy person, but I don’t want to work 70 hours a week for 40 hours pay anymore.

  12. Hi Everyone! I need a no cost work from home job. I have been scammed over and over losing money also! Do to medical reasons I have to stay at home and have been trying for 6 years to find a legal legitimite real job.I am praying someone hears my prayers.Bills and meds to be paid. I worked 20 years with my husband doing hard labor farming!Promied a house the owners passed on leaving us nothing! My husband works suffering from arthritis on his spine.It is hard to start over! I was never claimed becouse I received a car and I can’t collect ssi or any benefits you can’t have 1,ooo in the bank! Who then pays the morgage and bills? You have to be poverty stricken. If anyone can help and knows of a job please let me know! I have Faith Truly Paula

  13. Looking for a home based job. Have great computer skills. Office Manager for 5 years. A/R and A/P, payroll, quickbooks. Tired of the rat race and office bull…staying home and taking care of grandkids, to help childern with high cost of daycare. But still would like to supplement income. Contact me at

  14. I’m a single mom with teens and as when they were young and I stayed home, the teen scene requires the same “at home” job! I need an at home job that does not cost to work for. I have a current computer, can type 80 words per minute, great with detail/design/pics/resumes etc…whats out there? I can do bookeeping/accounting/payroll. Please help me make this possible! Thanks and have a great day!

  15. I’m a single father of four beautiful daughters.I have a masters degree in marketing and buisness management.My children demand most of my time,however,My skills are still intacked and would like to take to the highest compacity. O,did i mention i have four DAUGHTERS!LOL.No task is to great,lets make beatiful money together.LOL.Your wish is my comand!

    Sincerly yours
    Todd Claverie

  16. i could really use the extra money

  17. I am looking for a legitimate online work at home job that does not ask for money to get started and one that actually pay you a real check. I don’t need a work at home job that scams you out of your money. With the gas prices so high I am looking to stay at home and stop the long commute into the office. I am looking to spend more time with my husband, children, and grandchildren. If someone can help me, please email me at

  18. I am in desperate need of a legitimate job I can do from home. Preferably one that doesn’t charge a fee, since I have very little coming in right now. I had to give up my paying job 2 years ago to care for my elderly, disabled mother. I simply cannot leave her alone all day while I work somewhere else. I don’t have time or money for scams. You can contact me at: Real offers only, please. No scams or spam.

  19. Yes I,m desperate to find work at home job AT NO COST TO me!I,m A 47yr old male that cannt work in construnion anymore an need to work at home. I have no money to invest, I just need work I can do from home.

  20. i’m a mother of 5 an is seeking legitimate work at home at no cost to me. i have 2 children under the age of 5 and can’t afford daycare LEGITIMATE COMPANIES PLEASE ABSOLUTELY NO SCAMES PLEASE.

  21. I have two children who arent in school and the daycare costs have gone up. i need a real work at home job fast. i have researched alot for a long time now and cant find a good one to pay out. I can’t drive anywhere and need money to pay bills but there is not a good legitimate company within my reach. Please help me.

  22. For everyone on this list: Try Genuine Jobs. They are really good. I get jobs from them every week though I no longer need them. Theyr’e free and the jobs are worth having.God bless all of you.

  23. Here are some sites that I looked into for work at home opportunities:





    I hope some of you find this information of help. Wishing all of you and yours the best, Happy Holidays!



    * (very helpful)

  24. i am 21 and have 2 kids one is 7 and the other will be 1 on 1-24-09 i live in a 1 bedroom house it is really small. so plase help me

  25. I have a little boy that will be two and im looking for a job at home so i can be there with him and wont have to pay for a babysitter and gas!

  26. i can not find a real job to work at hom eit is so hard i real wont to be at home with my four kids but ir hard to have to go to work and leav them

  27. Iam Latrice Brown and been wanting to work at home for a long time.Iwill learn how to do my job fast and great.Iwill not mess up my job.

  28. Excellent contents…

  29. looking for data entry from home with no costs

  30. no help

  31. I have a bad heart. Need something to help my social security. Need something that will help me pay for health insurance for myself and my wife. No money to give, will pay from what I earn if I can find the right job. Need to be home because of health.

  32. I am a mother of four that is looking to work from home because the cost of child care is awful. I want to make money without paying to start. I have 2 in school and 2 at home, I need to inhance my income because my husband has the only income.

  33. I’am a stay home mom with two young children and one on the way.I Want a legit stay at home job without having to pay for information or to start working, and i don’t want jobs that say you can make 2,000 a day what a scam.

  34. I live in the Fort Worth, TX. area and am looking for a in home job that I don’t have to pay any money to get started. I am open to however many hours as needed to get going & keep building my business from home.

    I NEED to make money, not spend any to find yet another scam. P-L-E-A-S-E help me get started. Please write “REAL JOB OFFER” in the comment line.

    Thank you for your time & help;

  35. I live in the seattle, wa area and am looking for some work from home work. looking for more hours the better but open to anything.

    If anybody knows of any REAL work from home jobs that dont cost anything to get started please email me ASAP

    my email is


    Sara Williams

  36. Any time a wfh job gvs 2,000 u know it’s a scam.u didn’t mk tht on ur cureent or last job.If anyone has a no cost wrk from hm job please post we r out of work.

  37. none

  38. i fouund one reliable job that does work. if you can sell. my dad made me do this and its actually kind of fun with a reliable product that works. its called monavie you sell it. but you also get the product to drink its made me lose wieght and if you share it with family and friends you make a profit off of whoever you sell it too. if your interested check it out and if you want i can sign you up its a great way to start your buisiness if interested contact me or brandee nicole on facebook


  40. Is this real? If so it is important to let others know. In this day and age with people being laid off and such this would be wonderful news but devastating if not.

  41. I’m looking for a job to work at home with no cost.I could use the extra money to pay bills and just enjoy life

  42. I’m looking to work from my home so i don’t have to live my baby with a babysitter and to have extra money to pay my bill

  43. I am I stay at home girlfriend. I watch TV and smoke all day. I am still very smart and personalable, and looking for a job were I do not have to leave the comfort of my home, or wake up at god awful hours. I have 0 kids, 0 family to take care of. I am totally free physically and mentally.

  44. I’m a 23 year old mother or two.I’m also looking for a way to make money from home without having to put money out to get started.I do believe that most work from home websites are a gimic to get your money.If anyone knows about any REAL,NO SCAM,NO COST ways to work from home please e-mail me A/S/A/P.

  45. Try this site It pays for do offers and dailysurveys.

  46. We have a legitimate business that does work and you can work from home. There is a small investment as you will be your own boss – its like having your own business at home and will help you get started step by step. This is legitimate you will be working for a Billion $ co listed on the NYSE. Go to my website and order your information package I look forward to helping you get started. If you are serious and want to make changes to your life and are disciplined and willing to work you will have success. Aymee and Phil

  47. Hey i am lookin for a job in Morganton, NC that i can do from home because i have no transportation to and from work. I am in a very bad perdicument i have no money what so ever and i need money fast. can anyone help me please

  48. My Husband and I are looking for work.I have recently just been laid off.My husband is down to part time work now.We only have one vehicle also.So any legitimate work at home job for me would be GREAT!!!!!We cannot afford to invest in anything at the moment.So if you know of something that is of NO COST and NO SPAM or SCAMS,please e-mailat:

  49. There are alot of scams out there. I am glad I found this web site, I am going to check these jobs out and let you know what I find, thanks.

  50. Be careful, because people are even creating fake blogs that look just like this. They offer the one program that “works” and have fake responses. You can tell that it is fake, because you can’t actually respond. They’re hoping you’ll think it’s just not working and that you’ll pay more attention to the offer. Doing this for more than five years, I can tell fake reviews from real ones, but I can only imagine the amount of people that are being scammed. I’m going to try some of the sites you listed and I’ll respond here if I’m successful. There are too many people/companies that make millions, by ripping off people online. What sucks, is the people that get ripped off, will sometimes turn around to do the same thing, because they need the money or feel let down. I do not want to or will not turn to this. I’m very capable, but I have a soul and heart. I just want a legit start that won’t take money from me, to start. I’m not trying to pay $39.95 so I can “get rich” over night. Good luck to all of you.

  51. In order to get a legitimate at home work, you need to have a certificate in the following fields: Accounting, Medical or legal transcripation, and medical billing and coding. Legit schooling for Medical billing and coding or transcription jobs only cost betwee 500-2000 dollars max and there are a few schools approved through the BBB and the training only takess about 6 weeks. After training you can go through a various companys for work at home opportunity and they will tell you the basic requirements for working from home. I have found a website that is kind of hidden and usually found by referral that offers at home work, whether it be a call center or medical billing and coding. The website is experience is required for some jobs and you go through a company screening and background check depending on what company you would like to go with. I would be aware of mystery shopping and data entry jobs, these aren’t’ very effective and you only make about 100-500 extra a year. About 90% of the jobs and money makers are legit and all are free to start so there is no harm. I hope this information helped everyone. I am working through my Bachelors in accounting and training in medical transcription to make money for my family while I am still in school. I have reviewed several internet scams and I will tell you that any thing you can find on the first 10 pages of a good search is definitely a scam …I found walletboosters by refferal and these company’s are legitamate. If you find this useful please email me at and I can help you avoid work at home scams I have researched plenty and I can tell you tips to avoid them.

  52. This website has many ways to earn extra money, goto,

  53. hello,i was just wanting to know how i can get started working from home?and will it cost me anything to do this? i dont have any money to pay for anything that is why i asked for this okay please contact me with this info.

  54. Free Offers


  55. I am desperately looking for a work from home job as soon as possible, with no fees. I need to stay at home for various reasons and would love a legitament job working from home.

  56. I am 23 years old with 2 young children. One is 2 years old and the other is a newborn. I am a certified pharmacy tech. I am looking for a no scams, no fee work at home job because for me to work a full time job would cost more than I could make. If you could email me at

  57. I have been looking for 3 days for no fee work at home – part time. I have found nothing. Please email me with legimate telecomute job offers only;

  58. I am wanting to find a job to where i can work at home and not have to pay anything down to join. I would rather stay at home and work as to have a real job going in everyday and having a boss over you nagging you all day long.Can you help find me a job that i dont have to pay a fee

  59. Anybody with no cost work from home opportunities, please contact me now!!!

  60. Hi, I looking for a job from home, I can type very well, 60 words per minute. I a hard worker, and I really need some money to pay my bills. I can not pay somebody to start working, The work must pay me. I a hard worker, and willing to work full time at home.
    Please contact me at
    Thank you.

  61. Pls i am a mother of 3 and would like to find an online job where i do not have to pay to begin with. I can give 8hrs 6 days a week if need be. pls email me thanks a lot

  62. Hey! I am lookin for a work at home job. I have a 3 years old daughter going thru a divorce dont have a car. livin with my mom and really want to be out on my own. I am 21 years old. I want to start something that i dont have to pay to start off because as of right now I dont have a debit or credit card. I can work as many as hours as possible. If you could email me at Thank you

  63. i would like to know how to get started. thanks tracy

  64. I would like to work at home due to I hurt my back at my job and no longer can work but that don’t stop the bills from coming in And my kids from eating I don’t have money to pay to start working online is there anything out there that is not a scam that I can do at home online? I worked in retail sales. Please help

    e-mail: OR CALL: 0-9333230074

  66. I need a job without investment & no fees to start job

  67. I live in Dallas, TX, I’m seeking employment from with no cost to start-up. If you know of an company, please let me know. Thanks

  68. Recently i just had a stroke. I was a truckdriver and my license was pulled from the stroke. i am looking for a no cost at home job. My Email is I am a hard working person

  69. Hello everyone ,
    How are you?I just read your post, and I want to help you, kindly contact me if you’re still in need of financial assistance or need a job to pay back.
    Thank you

  70. if you are looking for a job from home when you want it to make money take days off and be your own boss email me i just started this job and it does cost very little to start and with in just a few days the check will start comming in daily weekley monthly post looking for work in the subject line and email me asap at

  71. Reply to Jane Dough: You posted the following..

    Jane Dough | May 12, 2009 | Reply

    “I am I stay at home girlfriend. I watch TV and smoke all day. I am still very smart and personalable, and looking for a job were I do not have to leave the comfort of my home, or wake up at god awful hours. I have 0 kids, 0 family to take care of. I am totally free physically and mentally”.

    Jane, from what you have posted, you do not need to work from home, you simply want to do so. You state you are “smart”.
    What smart person watches tv and smokes all day? Plus you do not want to get up at “god awful hours”. Be honest with yourself Jane. You want to work from home because you have delusions that it will enable you to earn money, while you get up at noon, watch tv and smoke whatever it is you smoke. I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO BE ABLE TO GO TO WORK AT A REAL JOB! BUT I HAVE A TWISTED SPINE AND CANNOT WALK, SIT OR STAND FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. HOWEVER, I AM UP AT 5:30 AM EVERY SINGLE DAY, DOING MY JOB FROM HOME. IT IS LONELY, ISOLATING, AND I BUST MY AZZ TO EARN A LIVING. THE JOB YOU WANT DOES NOT EXIST. GET OFF YOUR LAZY DUFF, PUT TOGETHER A DYNAMITE RESUME, INVEST IN A COUPLE OF SUITS, AND HEAD OUT TO INTERVIEW FOR A JOB THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I WISH YOU WELL.

    To everyone else, when you are searching for a work from home job, that is exactly what you are looking for …a JOB.
    Do not bother with “Work from home opportunities”, or promises that you wlll make $97,000 in your first year. It’s all lies. When you do see something that you might be interested in, do not waste time reading the job descripition, scroll to the absolute bottom and see if they ask for money. If they do, cross it off your list and move on.



  72. i am looking for a work at home job that is %100 free

  73. Hello to everyone,
    I have been looking also for work at home with no cost involved(at all) but so far with all my searching i have yet to find it. Its frustrating. From what I\’ve read about each of you including myslf ,We All have a story ,some more difficult than others. I wish all of you the best. Anyway, surveys seem to be a start but I need and want to work from home,I don\’t expect miracles but isn\’t there SOMEONE out there who will help us? All I need is a helping hand to get started, thats what we all need, it can come out of the first check! I don\’t mind! Keep your chins up.

  74. Hi,
    I am currently working from home online and extremely happy with the results. I have tried many and spent a lot of money over the years & finally found one that really pays. Feel free to contact me anytime in regards to this at:

  75. Hello Kay…I\’ll probably have to disagree with you on not paying for an online job statement. Why you may ask. If you want quality jobs online you have to pay a small fee to whichever company you’ll be signing up with. I do agree though that there are free programs out there, but their potential earnings are limited.

  76. need job working at home but not cost me nothing

  77. i am just a guest want to no more about working from home

  78. I am looking for a job a legit work form home position for the weekdays. I have kids and my youngest 2 years old is home all say with me. My husband cant work yet because he had head surgery about 2 months ago and so I just need a little extra money.

  79. looking for something from home that doesn’t take alot of time. I have to school aged children, and I take care of my husbands disabled parents. My husbands income isn’t enough, but I have to be at home. there so many scams how do you know which are and which are not.

  80. here is one, you get to run your own online store for free


  82. Looking for home job no fee to start.

  83. i need a real no credit card – no fee job – i am willing to work hard

  84. i need a real no credit card – no fee job – i am willing to work hard

  85. looking for a job that i can do from home i travel alot and need some real no scam or start your own business schemes can anyone help?

  86. I’m looking for a real nonscam work at home job,I’ve tried several, I even have a few websites, still have’nt seen a dime !!!! how can people do this to others that barley get through pay check to pay check ??? if it is real they should start you with no cost. there still making money cause you are doing the work for them…. if there is anything out there like rebate jobs data entry, and more, that is for real no cost, please email me…. my email is or call 2182324910 leave me a message my name is sherry. thanks for your time

  87. Your Triond articles are being followed by The Triond Experiment blog and when your articles happen to be related to the blog posts, your article links are automatically pulled up and attached with the blog posts as “Read Related Articles”.

    This article is currently showed a “Read Related Article” under Competency Based Interview Tips and Techniques .

    Thanks and best of luck!

  88. Hi my name is Margarita Ribot, I’m here asking for just few help, that i need a job to work at home, i tried to find job everywhere here in Philadelphia, never call me everytime i had put the application in, Plus i spent for a month looking for work at home, i spent couple of dollars online of free trail, it’s no help at all, no respond niether help me how can i get started, so i cancled it because i feel like it’s rip me off. I am seriously need money to support me, my daughter and i am suffer because my husband can not come here in United state here in Philadelphia, in the immagration they want to charge me $3,000.00 to have him to come here llegal. You don’t know i am truely hurt and alone here with no help at all, my husband said that if he have the money like that he would help me, but imagin that in Dominic Republic they don’t make enough money. He told me that he want to support me and my daughter, but how??? I’m here looking for a big help to find free work at home and get paid for every weeks until i get everything done for me, my daughter, and my husband who suffer to be without me, and i can not work in Dominic republic, it’s no money, seem like a welfare money from here. That hurt? If you know any good option where i can find free work at home with no charge anything, email me at God Bless you all.

  89. I tried calling you to find ou t about the work from home job but was unseccessful in getting an answer

  90. write the name from i copy from sofware for which i input your data imetiately.
    i am risident of pakistan
    totally myname shujah khan
    my village is banda pir khan dict abbottabad formar n.w.f.p. pakistan asia

  91. The majority of these listed sites can no longer be found. The ones that can be are either links to scamming websites or just a load of rubbish. Please beware and always read the small print. It is easy to be scammed when desperate for a better life and there are a lot of scam sites out there. I speak from experience. Good luck.

  92. Work from home it jobs, mom work from home, work from home envelopes, work from home legitimate jobs, and work from home for moms, online business course, and work from home on computer. For more info please visit:

  93. Im looking for a job I can do from home with my computer, I dont want to pay someone to I can work. If you can help me I can help you.

    Thank you


  94. There are lots of ways to make money here


  95. I live in the northern part of Alabama, and would love to find something that i can do from home that don’t cost, am on social security disabilty, am 65 and was a over the road truck driver 25 years until i got hurt and now i am looking for some way to make money to help with my income, my number is 256-601-7389 and would like and honest sincere person who is trying to survive in the screwed up economy. thank you HELP HELP

  96. I am thinking of trying this… I know it’s for adults. LOL!!! how love you been with this program? Does it pay ok?

  97. I am extremely interested in an at home position. I am tired of all the work from home scams. If you have a legitimate work from home business you can contact me at

    I work hard, I catch on quickly, and have spent many years as a clerical assistant. Be forewarned; I will not pay to work. If a job is truly available why would I pay you so that I can work for you? It makes absolutely no sense.

  98. I think this whole website and blog is fake. Everybodies responses sound too much alike.

  99. Im looking for stay at home job that I can do on my computer and phone from the security of my own home. I am not lookig for someone to contact me only to tell me if I pay them money I can get a stay at home job. Anyone willing to hire me should not be wanting me to pay them for the job or for information about the job. I worked 31 years for the VA adminsitration in material management, inventory, purchasing and contracting.

    If you have a lead to a good stay athome job without paying any money to get it please contact me at I am currently retired but would like to go back to work to make more money. Thank you.

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