Five Legitimate Companies for Making Money From Home

Here are five companies for you to work at home with, and make money.

If you are out of a job, or dislike the commute, and want to work from the comfort of your home, these companies listed below are legitimate places to take a look. They offer the flexibility of making money at home while still providing you the flexibility to live your life.

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To apply with this company, you must meet the requirements such as having a home office, high speed internet connection, USB headset, telephone and complete the application online.

This site also offers a calculator to figure out how much money you can save by working from home. Click on the link above, read their frequently asked questions, and spend some time to see if this is what you would like to do.


There are three areas to choose from this company: tech support, sales, and customer service. You have to pass a class, and earn a certificate in basic skills to become Arise Certified Professionals.

Click on the link to explore their other opportunities.

Alpine Access

Alpine Access has been in business since 1998, and is the biggest home-base employer. They believe in a happy relationship between their customers and employees. You are paid for on the job training and the hours you work.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more, and to see if this opportunity is right for you.

Working Solution

This company started in 1996 and offers many areas to choose from, such as data entry, call center work, processing orders, reservations, enrollments, customer service, sales, market research, and tech support.

You can find more answers on the Frequently Asked Question for information.

Speak Write

This company is currently accepting applications for legal typists. For general typists and other areas, you can submit your email address to keep on file when they are accepting applications again. SpeakWrite are for Canada and US typists only!

Read more here.

Beware of Scam

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• If you have to pay for a start-up fee, check the company out before making a commitment.

• Avoid telephone pole advertisements

• Avoid sign advertisements you see on the street

• Never pay anything upfront for an at home opportunity job such as stuffing envelopes, assembling products, or making jewelry.

• If in doubt, check the company out with the Better Business Bureau.

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  1. I am always skeptical of these adverts offering you $4000 plus a month or however much it may be working from home because it is always so hard to find out what they actually want you to do. They give nothing away in their web address and even less on thier homepages. a lot you have to sign up for before finding out anything at all. Some of these you have listed here have provided a small insight BC but others have not explained a thing. I am still very hesitant to check these sites out. A great idea but more info needed I feel.



  2. I have been conned once or twice in the past. It is so easy to be taken in by some companies, so it is good to know you have checked these ones out.


  3. good information. Thank you.

  4. Checking the company out is definitely a must. Extra money is always a plus. Great article.

  5. Informative article, thank you.

  6. Great and useful info.

  7. My youngest sister is with Convergys in Makati, Philippines. Great post.

  8. There are many pros and cons to making money at home. Doing your homework is always the first step. If you decide to work from home online then dedication is a must. It sounds great to work from home but it’s not as easy as you think. Distractions are your biggest challenge: let me get a coffee, personal phone calls, TV on in the background and you have to check something out you just heard, got the munchies want something to munch on. The list goes on and on. – Dedication is the key and training your mind to think work not home is not easy. Anyone with a computer can work from home, making money at it is another thing all together. Just my opinion and only my opinion – Life is what You make it for only YOU control YOU!!! Cheers Bertie

  9. Nice, informative and thoughtful article BC. Thanks!


  10. This is a really useful article, BC. It should do very well on the internet. I see that it already has five stars on SU after only being published today.

  11. Gimme a break.

  12. Good tips.

  13. a helpful article

  14. very good advice..ty

  15. Great information, thank you for sharing.

  16. Great post, BC. I appreciate the time and effort you put into researching them. I will have to check them out.

  17. Good article with useful basic info and warnings. I’m very suspicious of all those offers of great earnings from home.

  18. Thank you everyone for your support and comment!

    @ RJ Chamberlain–You have every right to be skeptic about work at home opportunity. The main point is: these five companies passed the scam test from Better Business Bureau. If anyone needs more information, he/she should always check out the sites thoroughly before making a commitment.

    @ Bertie–I agree with you completely!!Only YOU can make the decision for yourself!

  19. Great post.
    Thanks for doing the homework. I’ll certainly be checking these out.

  20. Very useful article, thanks for sharing.

  21. great article and very informative, Thanks for sharing. BC

  22. Thank you for this information.You will need alot of discipline to work at home.But,if you have a family it will give you the opportunity to be there instead of outside of the home.Good info!

  23. Great article and very useful.

  24. Good information, but I wanted a little more on what each company actually ‘did’. Well written and a good jumping off point.

  25. Thank you everyone for viewing, and comment!

    @ Annie Hintsala,

    If you actually read the article, these companies provide you a chance to be a customer representative, sales person, tech support person, or data entry person! What they “did”? They are providing you a chance to be employed and you will perform your jobs according to what you’re qualified for…

    If you’re interested in these kind of jobs, I suggest you to read the FAQ carefully! Don’t just scan over them, and make quick response!

  26. Great info Icy! sry.. BC, This article definitely applies today to people who are losing their jobs and need to find another one :D

  27. BC, you never failed to keep on helping people out there who are financially struggling. :)

    thank you for this article. keep up the good work!

  28. Great info thanks! Never pay anyone to work online if they are legit they pay you!

  29. Thanks so much. I’m passing this on to family members that need work. This day and age jobs are truly scarce.

  30. It really nice to know that there are trustworthy companies out there.Thanks for sharing>

  31. Thanks for a very helpful, informative and enlightening article! The old adage, if it seems to good to be true, than it probably is definitely fits to this topic!

  32. This is so true, i have been trying to highlight the scams and danger of fraud associated with alot of these home working businesses, lovely article,thanks for sharing with the community and i hope at least one more person does not get sucked into the fantasy and fake promises, and do their research properly.

  33. This is so true, i have been trying to highlight the scams and danger of fraud associated with alot of these home working businesses, lovely article,thanks for sharing with the community and i hope at least one more person does not get sucked into the fantasy and fake promises, and do their research properly.

  34. great share BC.

  35. Interesting article on those “work from home” signs and what is really behind them:

  36. Thank you! Convergys is a good place for work at home. My aunt tried it.

  37. Many of these are not available in our country.

    I always get those scam mails. But never looked at them.

  38. Informative…and useful

  39. Great article, BC. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the research on these jobs. I know it couldn’t have been easy to check for the legitimate Work From Home Jobs.

  40. This is a great paper. I would have liked to try at least one of these jobs but They are not offeredinternationally

  41. Thanks for this. I will check them out.

  42. Icy,
    I read your article. Its very informative. My wife and I are wanting to have a work at home business. We have seen all the scams to this point. We’re definitely going to try out some of these. I keep telling my wife we should go slowly and do plenty research. So your article came out at the right time. Excellent work.


  43. Sister, sorry, I miss this article. I’ve been busy on the task of suicide. Thanks for your great info here as always.

  44. This is such a great article. I’m currently looking at starting a work at home business. I have a couple articles that’ll be published soon about work at home scams and also about even more legitimate opportunities, so I hope you check them out…

    My work at home: legitimate? article can be viewed at

    The other article will be published soon!

  45. a very helpful and informative article

  46. Great article but I’m a bit to skeptical to try any business online. thanks anyhow.

  47. You are right about all the scams out there. You have to be really careful. Some of them seem on the up and up untill you look closely.

  48. This is a good article and thoughtful as I think many on Triond like to telecommute.

  49. This is good info. I had checked into three of these companies; unfortunately they require a DSL hookup and do not accept satelite hi-speed. But they are indeed legit, and have excellent on-line training as well. Some even pay you for training time. There are more of these types out there too; Bottom line is, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Thanks for a good write.

  50. I liked your article. Many people are afraid to go out and get on the work force. Many people can’t physically, but are smart enough to. It would also give them an oppurtunity to work in a way they can.

  51. You have given good revenue generating information.
    Thanks for sharing.

  52. very interesting and informative! Nice article!

  53. I have been on computers for my entire life. Love this sort of writing with excellent suggestions.

    The companies that I have PROFITED from online – none.

    The company that have brought in some decent return ( but outlay is higher )? Ebay.

    The company that brings in a dollar a month – Triond.

    I would love to find a firm paying $1000 per week i.e the just above weekly average income for an Australian.

    Any suggestions?

    These I will definitely check out, though. Thank-you . j

  54. Sorry about the blank one. I meant to say I will check these out. Very good article!

  55. cool sites,nice job again

  56. Thank you for the info. It is very needed in these hard economic times.

  57. Wow! What great, helpful resources. This will help so many people!

  58. Thank you! This is a well-written article and I will be sure to check into the links. Very helpful.

  59. This is great to know in a shrinking job market.

  60. I am very confused of being work at home while my salary still being my only one for living, as you can see my blog at is far from making money online

  61. Very helpful information. There are a lot of scams out there and it is nice to know that there are at least SOME legitimate companies out there.

  62. Great info. Thanks!

  63. Everyone is looking for safe, reliable work that gives them opportunities to be with their families/friends. I’ve been on Triond for months but this is the first time I’m actually getting into things. It was a little overwhelming at first and I had a lot of stuff happening.

    I liked the article, I do hope to see some money the more I get into this site. I understand it may take time before any real amounts of dollars are coming my way. This is a learning time, that’s fine. I am happy to see that with the country go to Hell in a handbasket that people losing their jobs are doing serious homework into the work from home areas. Commuting is far too stressful, time consuming and wastes fuel, not to mention all the crazy dangerous drivers out there!

    As mom to a soon-to-be 8yr old, and with family demands requiring I stay at home, I need some form of decent income. Doesn’t have to be ten trillion dollars a week. (Don’t we all wish?!) Every penny you earn is still money in your pocket. Remember that.

    Thank you for this interesting post.

  64. Very informative article, I enjoy writing about my quest to find the ultimate way to make money online and am kinda logging it while I write articles myself. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

  65. This was a good article with some good information. I would be skeptical of some companies offering work from home though. I believe it is always a good idea to do some homework and check companies out before you sign up for anything. I have found that in most cases they ask you for payment for something upfront before you can even access their data base. If you have to pay for a job it may be a scam. I have not heard of some of these companies before though, so I think I will check out a couple of them and see what they are really all about.

  66. This is definitely up my alley. I have two little ones I will not give up to childcare. Great job, well written and very resourceful!


  67. Thankyou for the information it’s majorly helpful!!:)

  68. thank you for writing this article. I have gotten involved with some of the scam companies. one was even reccomended by the better business bureau. i will check out these companies. im grateful you wrote this.

  69. nice one…I don’t know about the companies…but similar companies…they do not pay…

  70. Though persons other than from US may not benefit from your list of companies, still they are very useful from information point of view.Also pl don’t forget to give information that may also useful from our(Non-US) point of view.Thank you.

  71. It’s good to know that there are legitimate job opportunities out there online. We’ve only found the rip-offs… thanks for the post.

  72. This site is a very informative site. You’ll like the content of this site. If you have some time, please feel free to visit and read the content of this site. Thank you for your time and good day.

  73. Cool! Thanks for this, it will probably help out a few people. Maybe even me, we’ll see. :) Thanks.

  74. Thanks. Your information is very helpful.

  75. liked it a lot I’ve been looking for potential income sources at home. I’ll be researching your suggestions. Thanks

  76. What a great idea for an article. Hopefully you are making some money at home from it! Thanks,

  77. This is a wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

  78. Convergys went on a campaign of getting rid of people with any health problems, right before they tried to talk their U.S. employees into working at home. That was never their plan – they were only avoiding the law by getting these people into that program. Those jobs all went to Korea.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe this needs to get a phone or an internet connect that reaches Korea. You can reach Convergys employees easily there.

    Convergys is merely a symptom of the Reaganomics rot that is America.

  79. If you think this garbage is real, you need to contact me at

  80. Thanks fro the warning at the end.

  81. Unfortunately, there are some scams
    we find on the Net. So be careful for
    them. It is fine to check out opportunities
    coming from an popular source like google.

    I suggest to go to this site to find good

    I hope that you can find opportunities
    that you are looking for.

  82. Thanks for the nice info, i am one of the millions of people very desperate on seeking a home base business that is legitimate and simple but will give a worth return if you give serious commitment. I just want to help anyone who were victims of scam and frauds, I was once but now i found a legitimate one. You can browse this link, study the system and listen to your heart.

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