Winter Care for Your Greenhouse

Not only gardens need care for the winter; greenhouses do as well. Find out how to care for your greenhouse in the winter, from cold greenhouses to warm.





Even though it is winter and your garden looks rather bleak and dull, it is in fact the best time of year to spend some extra time in your greenhouse fixing things that have to be fixed, sorting everything out and tiding things up, however; the main thing to remember is though most of the plants in your greenhouse may be dormant they still require attention.


Good ventilation serves to control the temperature, maintains the flow of fresh air and moderates the level of atmospheric humidity.Ventilation in a greenhouse is necessary with high humidity as to avoid stagnant air in which causes fungal diseases to thrive. Damping down is one way of fixing the humidity but if this is impractical try grouping plants on trays of moist gravel or expanded clay granules.Also remember to open the greenhouse ventilators on sunny days but close them early in the afternoon before the temperature drops.

With all plants grown under glass the need for light and moisture varies according to whether the plant is in growth or not. There are a number of light levels that can be provided in greenhouse. Plants that need full light must be placed where they can have the maximum level of full light all day;for those needs full light but shade from the sun blinds or screens can be used to protect them from the hot midday sun.Plants that prefer a low level of light can be placed under staging or green shade netting.

Watering and feeding plants is also essential. Plants in containers are restricted in their ability to gather nutrients and usually need a fertilizer in the growing season .

When in growth some plants need to be watered freely which means the soil or potting compost should be kept evenly moist but not waterlogged. Others only need moderate watering allowing the compost or soil to dry out before watering again.When plants cease to have active growth they need less water especially in the winter and they should be watered just enough to avoid disccantion.Some plants such as the cacti should be kept completely dry in the winter or when dormant.


Cold- unheated greenhouses (No minimum temperature)

Ventilation-Ventilate in winter to prevent damp stagnant conditions.

Humidity-Natural levels of humidity are adequate.

Shading-Admit full light in winter.


Cool greenhouse (2-10 Celsius)

Ventilation-Ventilate in winter to disperse heater fumes and water vapor.

Humidity-Damp down to keep cool,with low humidity

Shading-Admit full light in winter.

Temperate greenhouse (7-13 Celsius)

Ventilation-Ventilate in winter to disperse heater fumes and water vapor.

Humidity-Damp down to keep cool,with moderate humidity.

Shading-Admit full light in winter.


Warm greenhouse(13-18 Celsius)

Ventilation-Ventilate in winter to prevent damp stagnant conditions as needed.

Humidity-Reduce humidity in winter.

Shading-Admit full light in winter.



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