Why You Should Have a Cactus (Or Succulent) and How to Care for It

People who care for living things especially plants have been proven to receive health benfits. Cacti are reletavly easy to care for look good and can improve your health. So how do you care for your first cactus?


Although the appearance of your cactus is important you are likely to be re-potting it quite frequently while it is growing to the desired size. All pots should be wide enough to accommodate the cactus and shallow enough to ensure the roots dry out quickly, preventing rotting. Once your cactus has reached the desired size it is worth investing a little money to buy a pot which looks good, without re-potting again the cactus will not continue to grow in size but will remain healthy with adequate watering and sunlight.

Temperature , Light and Water

Sunlight and temperature tend to go hand in hand in the cacti natural environment (the desert), depending on where you live you may need to keep your cactus indoors in order to properly care for it. The ideal temperature for most cacti between 45 and 65 degrees at night time and as hot as your house can get in the day time. They should be placed in a south facing room (presuming you are in the northern hemisphere) to ensure that they get as much sunlight as possible particularly in the summer months, they will ensure that they flower in summer. The hotter your cactus gets the more water it will need but this is still not much.

Watering cacti is very different to normal house plants, and care should be taken not to over water them, the trick is to flood the soil with water infrequently. In summer during the flowering period once a week is ample and you should ensure that that the soil has completely dried out before re-watering. In winter the cactus will be dormant with little growth taking place and can survive with little or no water, once a month is adequate and less than this will easily be tolerated by your cactus.

This should be all the information you need to care for your first cactus and ensure that it grows healthily, I wish you good luck and please do not hesitate to comment if you need any further information.

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