What to Plant in Fall and Winter in The Vegetable Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

List of a variety of vegetables for your fall and winter garden in Phoenix, Arizona.

The temperate climate of Phoenix, Arizona allows gardeners to grow vegetables throughout the autumn and winter seasons and well into the spring. Temperatures are still summer-like well into September and rarely dip below freezing throughout the winter months. This extended growing season means gardeners in Phoenix may start seeding in September and harvest into the spring, before the weather turns too warm.

Seed this summer vegetable in early September and harvest cucumbers in November and December. The warm days and cool nights result in the plants requiring less water to grow and they’re less likely to suffer from heat stress, disease or pests. Wait until February to seed again though, as the winter months, even in Phoenix, are too cold for cucumbers.

Broccoli from seed requires approximately four months before it’s ready to harvest. Seed the garden with broccoli from mid-September through to January and harvest from late December through to early April. Broccoli is a cold-hardy vegetable, so it thrives in the cooler weather. Once the temperatures start to climb to over 80 degrees, which they do in April in Phoenix, the broccoli plants will bolt and stop producing.

Seed these quick growing vegetables in the first week of September and continue seeding through to the following April. Radishes mature in 40 to 60 days. They tolerate the cooler weather and their quick growth makes them ideal for a nearly year-round crop. Don’t seed after April, though as these veggies stop growing in the higher temperatures of July and August.

A prolific grower, spinach responds well to the cooler temperatures, continuing to produce when night temperatures go as low as 40 degrees. Like radishes, spinach plants mature quickly, and within 40 to 60 days of seeding, spinach leaves are ready for harvesting. Start seeding the garden in late September and continue until early February to harvest through the fall and winter months. Harvest any remaining leaves by the end of March or early April, as the higher temperatures may cause the leaves to taste bitter.

Kale, chard, collard greens, leafy lettuces and parsnips are all hardy vegetables that grow well in the cool-weather Phoenix garden. Seed the greens in late September through the end of November for harvest from late November through to January and February. Seed the garden again in late January for a spring crop of greens and lettuce. Harvest these before April, as lettuce plants bolt in the warmer temperatures and the leaves turn bitter.

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