What Has Changed About Orangery Design in Recent Years?

This article looks at the ways in which orangery designs and purposes have changed over the last few centuries. It looks at the ways in which they are built and how adaptable they have become to now accommodate a lot more uses.

Orangery designs

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 have not changed very much over the last few centuries, the basic design is still there and the materials used to build them are much the same. However, the interior and uses for them have changed over the course of time. It was commonplace for the upper classes and wealthy to have and orangery. This is no longer the case and anyone who wishes to have an orangery as an elegant addition to their home is able to. Although orangeries can sometimes be more expensive than a conservatory they have much more to offer. One of the main advantages an orangery has over a conservatory is that fact it is a permanent structure whereas a conservatory can often be considered temporary.

Orangeries have been around since the 17th century and the original uses included growing exotic fruit and plants that would not normally grow in colder climates. Their ability to retain a lot of heat was the reason they became so popular for this purpose. However it was harder to keep them warm during the night so open fires had to be lit. Now, you will find there is a lot more an orangery can be used for as well as growing plants. Their days of growing plants are not behind them but orangeries now a lot more uses, they are used as pleasant sunrooms to relax and enjoy during the day and night.

There are some very famous orangery designs which can be seen all over Europe. Some of these include orangeries in France and Austria. The majority of orangeries in the UK have other uses which include being made into cafes or restaurants or used as botanical gardens. One of the most famous orangeries in the UK is at Kew Gardens. Due to the fact it did not attract enough light it was unable to fulfil its original purpose which was to house plants. The reason for this was that there was too much brick work and not enough windows to let the light in which meant the plants suffered. However, not all orangeries are on such a grand scale. If you do not want an unsightly conservatory, but do not want the cost and upheaval of an extension then an orangery is the answer for you. With the addition of an orangery also comes the beauty and style that will be added to your home once you have built your orangery. You can sit and watch nature in all its glory without ever leaving your front door.

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