Trees with The Will to Survive

Have you ever wondered how anything survives with some of the cruel punishments that Mother Nature puts them through?

Through a normal winter most trees can survive very well, with all the bending, twisting and swaying in the elements that Mother Nature dishes out to them.

 But, sometimes Mother Nature becomes very angry and comes down upon the Earth with a vengeance.  Snowing and blowing till she can not render another flake of snow or gust of wind or drop of rain. 

To see what she has accomplished, survival to the fittest. 

Will they survive and make it through to the next time?  More than likely for they are the might white birch.                       

No matter what Mother Nature sends their way, they will live and rise, and standing tall they will once again fight to survive.  


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  1. Great article and very true. Loved the pictures too.

  2. Nice article.

  3. Great work. Looking forward to read more articles from you…

  4. I love trees, great article.

  5. Good pictures and write up about some of the hardships suffered by trees during the harsh winter.

  6. As an old adage says, Trees symbolize Strength. Good info and very nice photos.

  7. This looks like you took these pictures in my backyard. :)

  8. I also have pondered the bending branches, so heavily laden with snow, they inspire flexibility and strength of our own. :)

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