Top Eight Low-Light House Plants

For homes with little sunlight, there are still some lovely low-light house plants for you to enjoy.

For homes with little sunlight streaming into the rooms, there are fewer options for growing house plants. However, there are still some lovely low light house plants for you to enjoy. Below is a list of the top eight low light house plants readily available at nurseries and plant shops.


This family of low light house plants has some very tough plants in it. You do not need a green thumb to get these to thrive. The Aglaonema has many narrow stems with large, oval leaves on them. Leave variations come in dark green and silver, green and chartreuse variegates, and green with creamy white markings.


Dieffenbachia is also called “dumb cane” since it contains an injurious sap that will make the inside of your mouth and tongue swell if tasted. This low light house plant grows a tall stalk, which is circled with giant leaves in varying shades of green and white variegations.

English Ivy

This low light house plant will grow easily in a pot or trained to climb up a trellis or frame. English ivy is a very tough plant that spreads readily and is very hard to kill. All varieties of English Ivy have pointy leaves with prominent leaf veins.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is also called “mother in law’s tongue,” and is one of the hardest plants to kill. This low light house plant has strong, upright leaves that look like green and yellow ribbons. They will grow up to four feet tall.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the few low light house plants that flowers regularly. It prefers shade and cooler temperatures. It has glossy green leaves and flat white flowers. This low light house plant grows from one to one and a half feet tall.


The philodendron family of house plants tolerate shade, but do better with diffused sunlight. There are many varieties of this low light house plants with leaves ranging from deep, glossy green to yellow-veined styles, and red tinged ones.


Pilea comes from a large family of low light house plants that enjoy diffused light or shade. There is creeping pilea, which has small, bright green leaves. Other varieties have larger, more ornamental leaves with silver or yellow variegations.

Silver Lace Fern

This plant is one that can grow in the lowest light. It is a small fern with green and silver colored fronds or leaves. This low light house plant will add a splash of brightness to dim rooms. There are also all green varieties.

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  1. Hello,

    Where can I purchase the following low light plants:

    Peace lily
    Silver lace
    snake plant

  2. Try Wal-Mart, I have had great luck with my Snake Plant and Peace Lilly bought from there.

  3. where can I see pictures of these plants?

  4. Go here and type in the plant names…

  5. aglaonema

  6. no pictures please show

  7. Aglaonema – also called Chinese evergreen. I have very good luck with these in low light, also do well with pathos.

  8. Good information about low light house plants. I have palm tree plant and they also qualify as low light as plants. Excellent article indeed! Another resource to explore

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