Top 15 World’s Most Beautiful Orchids

Orchid flowers are among the most beautiful in the world. These flowers are noted for their radiant colors and unique structures. Take a look at some of the prettiest orchid flowers in the world.

There are hundred different species of orchids and it’s hard to select the most beautiful. After carefully comparing numerous orchid flowers, here are my personal choices – the15 most beautiful orchid flowers.


1.) Curled Odontoglossum (Odontoglossum crispum)

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The Curled Odontoglossum is a beautiful epiphytic orchid characterized its curled petals and red-violet blotches on its petals. This very orchid is considered by many to be the most beautiful orchid of all but is also one of the most difficult to grow.

2.) Giant Ansellia (Ansellia_gigantea_nilotica)

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The Giant Ansellia is large and beautiful orchid scientifically named Ansellia gigantean nilotica but it is also sometimes known by another binomial name – Ansellia Africana. This beautiful orchid is endemic to Africa and is now widely grown in botanical gardens. It bears large flower characterized by unique coloration of its 5 petals.

3.) Sogo Cherry (Doritaenopsis)

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Orchids usually grow in the wild but most known species, especially beautiful species, are now largely grown in orchidaria and botanical gardens like the lovely Sogo Cherry. The above photo of the brightly colored Sogo Cherry orchid flower is from Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA.

4.) Beallara “Marfitch Howards Dream”

Image Source

One of the most vibrant orchid flowers is the one that belongs to hybrids. This beautiful orchid flower is the result of crossing of the genus Odontoglossum and the genus Cochlioda.

5.) Lady’s Slipper Orchid (Cypripedium calceolus)

Image Source

This unique and captivating orchid flower commonly called Lady’s Slipper Orchid was photographed in Lithuania. This orchid species is widely distributed worldwide from the Pacific through Asia and to Europe.

6.) Blood-red Odontoglossum (Odontoglossum cruentum)

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This is one of the most unique orchid flowers. The beautiful Blood-Red Odontoglossum is characterized by its glossy petals. This exotic species of orchid can be found in South America from Ecuador to Peru.

7.) Schomburgkia exaltata

Image Source

As the common statement says ‘Pretty in Pink’, pink flowers will always be beautiful whatever their species are. This orchid with pretty pink flowers is usually tagged as Schomburgkia undulata but Schomburgkia exaltata is the proper ID of this plant.

8.) Maxillaria tenuifolia

Image Source

If pink flowers are pretty, then red flowers are beautiful. Red colored flowers are among the most popular in the world. The vibrant color of the Maxillaria tenuifolia makes it one of the most attractive and most beautiful orchid flowers.

9.) Spider Orchid (Miltonia clowesii)

Image Source

This species has one of the most unique color combinations among orchid flowers. If you will study carefully the above photo of the Miltonia clowesii, you will notice that it looks like a spider, hence I tagged it the Spider Orchid.

10.) Calypso Orchid (Calypso bulbosa)

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The beautiful and stunning Calypso Orchid, which is also known as the Fairy Slipper or Venus’s Slipper, is a beautiful orchid with small pink, purple or red flowers with a white lip. It can be found in temperate regions of the world like Japan, Canada, USA, Finland and others.

11.) Maxillaria cucullata

Image Source

Black color is always associated with bad luck or evil but this flower with black lip looks very attractive.

12.) Epidendrum radicans

Image Source

The Epidendrum radicans is a unique and beautiful orchid species with vibrant colors and unique structure.

13.) Oncidium ochmatochilum

Image Source

This lovely orchid flower was photographed in Costa Rica. It is one of the most beautiful orchids in the world characterized by extremely unique color combination and striking appearance.

14.) Western Prairie Fringed Orchid (Rhynchostele cordatum)

Image Source

The Platanthera praeclara, which is commonly known as Western Prairie Fringed Orchid, is also scientifically named Rhynchostele cordatum. This orchid variety is remarkable for its pointed and elongated petals.

15.) Cymbidiella pardalina

Image Source

The last but certainly not the least is the beautifully colored flowers of the Cymbidiella pardalina. If all these species of beautiful and attractive orchids are in your possession, your garden or orchidarium will surely the most attractive and most visited in the world.

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