Tips to Keep Armadillos Out of Your Garden or Yard

Armadillos are a pest for most gardeners and landscapers, uprooting plants and digging deep holes in lawns and plant beds. Deter them with natural or organic solutions that won’t add chemicals to your lawn or garden.

Organic gardeners and “green” landscapers turn to creative methods to keep armadillos from destroying their plants. A few natural methods are accepted means of keeping these pests away without harsh chemicals, traps, or extermination.


Garlic is a powerful deterrent to many pests — some gardeners have found success with keeping armadillos away by surrounding their plants or beds with garlic bulbs. In garden boxes and rows, garlic is the perfect choice since it doesn’t interfere with the growth of surrounding vegetables and plants and is a useful addition to the garden harvest.

Red Peppers

Dried cayenne pepper (including its spicy seeds) and powdered chili peppers can keep many pests from invading garden plants or flower beds, including armadillos. Armadillos rely primarily on smell to find their food; the pungent, burning smell of dried pepper will steer them away from areas where the powder has been sprinkled.

Cougar Urine

Many gardeners and landscapers use powdered urine from cougars and other predators to keep away armadillos and other garden invaders. The territory markings tell smaller animals to steer clear and can help define your yard or garden as a no-boundary zone for potential pests. While this method is more expensive than some choices (and seems like an unpleasant task for many gardeners), it has been proven effective against many pests, including armadillos.

Keeping your garden or yard free of armadillos will protect your plants from potential damage and your lawn from dangerous and unsightly holes. Using organic methods to protect your plants will also keep your property free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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