Three Easy Tips for a Beautiful Indoor Garden

There are so many ways we can brighten our lives by adding some colorful, natural foliage that require low maintenance.

1. Use any good indoor growing light for your plants

Some good brands are-

  • Hydrofarm T5
  • Agrosun
  • Better grow
  • etc

2. Use Water Globes

Water globes not only look very unique and decorative, but water your plants over time as well. A great tool for any indoor gardener. You can buy them locally at Walmart, the brand is Aqua Globe.

3. Be Creative!

Most indoor gardens just take time and effort, but if you be a little creative then you can really make a beautiful home environment. This one incorporates water features, and all you need is a little inspiration to create a really spectacular resting area. 


Inspiring Gardens-

This is an image of the Montgomery Palmetum, a world-renowned collection of palms.

 Read more about it {here}

This is a green concept indoor garden. With the right design having windows on a open wall can really brighten your life with natural light. The plants in the outdoors that surround the windows give it privacy still, and make a very great atmosphere.

More plant wall interior designs {here}

Transform a nook into a garden space by putting hidden growing lights in even a dumbwaiter type nook. Instantly you have beautiful plants to decorate rooms. With only a little bit of creativity, you could put plants in any main living area in a modern and stylized way.

Original concept and photo taken from {here}


With the right amount of recourses, and a little effort, anyone can invest in making their life a little bit greener.

-Owen Anier


All  photography was taken from {link}
Read more articles {here}

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