The Best Way to Kill Lake Weeds

Lake weeds can make swimming unbearable. Finding a method of safely and effectively killing lake weeds can help you to enjoy your lakefront property with a weed free swimming area.

While lakes can be a popular destination for relaxation, spending quality time with family and enjoying the warm weather, they can also present a myriad of problems. Due to the introduction of excessive plant nutrients and aquatic plants which are not native to a particular area, lake weeds can quickly get out of control. Spreading rapidly across the lake floor, these aquatic plants can cause problems for those who live on or swim in the lake. Not only are they unsightly and uncomfortable, they also can cause the water to become cloudy and dirty.

Among the many suggested methods to kill lake weeds is aquatic herbicides. With this method, chemicals are used to kill weeds. While this is effective in the short-term, weeds tend to return again and again throughout the season. Though more aquatic herbicides can be added each time the weeds return, these dangerous chemicals can make the water unsafe for swimming and harm the fish and other plants living in the lake. Other methods like water level drawdown and grass carp have also proven to be unreliable.

A more recent method has proven to be a more reliable and permanent solution to the problem of lake weeds. Bottom screening involves covering the lake bottom in order to block sunlight to the weeds, thereby eliminating them. Lake Mats have become one of the most popular products for bottom screening due to their high level of effectiveness in killing off annoying lake weeds. By using Lake Mats, weeds can be quickly eliminated and swimmers can enjoy the water again in no time.

Furthermore, Lake Mats offer a permanent solution to the problem of lake weeds. Within a few weeks, the mats will kill off any unwanted plants from the area it covers. Those plants will not return until the beginning of the following season, if at all, at which point the Lake Mats can be used again to kill them off quickly and safely. Whether one large mat or several small mats are utilized, these products can be reused again and again year after year. Because they only need to be purchased once, Lake Mats are a cost-friendly alternative to other weed-killing methods. Use Lake Mats to get great results quickly, safely and permanently.

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