The Adventures of Prehistoric Man Sketches Fifty One to Sixty

Sketches Fifty One to Sixty from an on-going science-fiction comic-strip serial.

They have truly found paradise on this island. The pink seagulls symbolise love and they perch on the prehistoric couples shoulders as they walk hand in hand into the sunset. Here on this island, they can live out the rest of their days in peace and harmony. THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 51.

That night, on Pink Seagull Island, prehistoric man and prehistoric woman hear distant laughter and soft music. As they head towards, the sounds get louder and they arrive at a late night tropical fruit and nut party. All the guests are dressed up as various fruits. One of the dancers is dressed as a giant banana man with a blue hair and a red fringe and side-burns while prehistoric man is a hazel nut, as is a short ramapithecus man who shakes his hand. All the girls are sprayed with a pink fruity body paint. It’s a small gathering where people can make friends. THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 52.

The following morning, after the late night, fruit and nut party, the prehistoric couple decide to explore Pink Seagull Island further. Along the way, they come across one of the island’s inhabitants, a Stegasaurus! It is vegetarian and completely harmless. THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 53.

Just as Prehistoric Woman finishes changing into some comfortable clothes, Prehistoric Man approaches her. She sighs and places her arms on her sides, like a tea-cup and replies: “Oh my my; and just what have you found this time?” He looks at her, rather submissively and shows it to her. It’s a large orange crystal that’s glow is so bright that its rays have a piercing effect on their eyes. More so, inside it, there appears to be some yellow life-form. What on earth, or off this planet, could it be!? THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 54.

Prehistoric man tosses it away and in the meantime, prehistoric woman re-appears with a pair of shorts which he tries on right away. “It suits you!” As they are engrossed with one anothers new looks, they are completely oblivious to the crystal that has, within seconds, grown a lot larger and is beginning to dissolve. Inside it, the life form has also grown more larger and developed eyeballs, ears and a mouth. Is it a friend or a foe? Only time will tell. THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 55.

The crystal cracks into splinters and from out of it, the uncanny life-form begins to grow and grow and grow, in front of their bewildered eyes. What could it be? It’s a spectacular sight as an orange mist forms around it and it has green clamps for its eyes and long flowing hair and makes hissing sound, sliding on the ground. It looks down at them and communicates through the black clamp on the centre of its head. “Sssss…I am the crystal entity…sssss” Whilst Prehistoric Woman holds up her arms in fear, Prehistoric Man points straight at it. “No, don’t point at it, for goodness sake!!” THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 56.

Pointing at the Crystal Entity was not the wisest thing to do and as a consequence, both Prehistoric Man and Prehistoric Woman find themselves transported in some strange place where there is a long pink winding trail and the trees are blue. The Crystal Entity has provided them food in the form of a wicker basket containing red apples. As Prehistoric Woman sits down and munches her apple, Prehistoric Man approaches closer to the trail and scratches his right cheek in thought. Where does it lead to, and should they follow it?  THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 57. 

Prehistoric Woman sees that Prehistoric Man is unsure and so she gets up and tells him that it’s alright to follow it. And so, he takes her by the hand and they begin walking along the long pink winding trail. Prehistoric Woman finds the apples delicious and reluctantly hands one to Prehistoric Man and then places one full apple in her mouth. And so, their latest journey begins…THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 58.

One of the red apples turns out to be magical and suddenly they find themselves sliding down a waterfall. “Yipee!!!” Calls out Prehistoric Woman who is directly ahead of Prehistoric Man. THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 59

A poster-still depicting five forms of the same being from the comic-book serial.  THIS IS SKETCH NUMBER 60. 









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