Tea Cultivation

Tea cultivation.

Production Methods 1. The orthodox method of tea production: This is the original method, which spread in China since the beginning of the cultivation of this plant. Even today, the quality Darjeeling and Sri Lanka, are produced by the same method. With this method you will get different shades of the leaves.

2. The production of CTC tea according to the method: This method shall be selected in most of the leaves of the same size. It differs from the orthodox method for the different steps in the process. The quality of tea produced is Broken, Fanning and Dust.

3. The LTP method: This method originates from the so-called processor Lawrie-Tea-Processor, which is a machine that chops up the rotation with dry leaves. The machine takes its name from the inventor, Mr. Lawrie. This method can be obtained mainly as fannings and Dust.

From the blog A Room of tea, learn the rules to follow for planting seeds to grow tea on your balcony or in your garden, as I already wrote in a previous article. The key thing is to have very fresh seeds. need to be sure to soak that do not float, otherwise to be discarded. crack must then tap gently with a hammer and sow them immediately in soil for acid-loving plants (the plant does not tolerate the presence of calcium in the soil, pH less than or equal to 7.00), are just covered (substrate airy). you must also always keep the soil moist (remember that grow in tropical climates). At a temperature of 20-25 degrees sprout in 2-4 weeks, after six months it can also be trimmed.

In summer it is appropriate to take tea in the garden or outside on the balcony. A hot summer and heavy watering will create conditions similar to those they are accustomed to in their country of origin. However, the tea plant does not like sunny sites too, preferring bright locations, but in places where the sun is not present during the hottest hours of the day. In the winter you should put the other hand, by the window. The plant can be done all year, being evergreen, but in any case, it is preferable to the end of the cold season, when they were shot. If you have a garden, however, the system provides details of the operations that you can learn here. This link opens us to a new world (as well as information on the cultivation of tea in the garden) … is in fact the site of the land of camellias in Italy, Lucca area.

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