Spring Time Vegetables

Four easy to grow vegetables for the small garden.

I love this time of year and going to the ‘Plant Barn’ to get seedlings for my veggie garden! I find the time spent in the garden is rewarding, especially when it is time to eat the food. My garden is too small to have all the things we like to eat but never-the-less it is a fun to have some things that I can look after, nurture and then put on the table. There are many reasons to have a small garden but it saves some money and you know the food is fresh and organic.

Each year I like to add some compost to the soil and sheep pellets so my vegetables have a good nutrient soil to grow in. It is a smelly job but the smell goes away after it has rained a few times, thank goodness for that.


I find that tomatoes are an easy vegetable to grow and we all like to eat them in salads, sandwiches and on crackers. They can be grown in containers like buckets or straight from potting mix bags and as there are many different varieties to choose from care is required to get the ones best suited for your needs.

Tomatoes need plenty of water especially if they are grown in a container and should be well saturated at least once a week when they are small and twice to three times a week when they are large. When they start bearing fruit, it is wise to feed them with a plant food fertilizer as the nutrients get washed away with the watering of the plants. This pays off with more fruit being produced because of the feeding.

Silver beet

This is another plant that grows all by itself and is a good source of iron. I use it to make a layer in my lasagne and it is a good green vegetable for other meals. I have half a dozen plants all year round just because it is so simple to grow and they don’t take up too much space. They do not need too much water but benefit from a well composted soil and a bit of mulch.

Beans or Peas

These are a good summer vegetable to grow and it adds some variety to the garden and the kitchen. They come in climbing varieties and dwarf types and you need to be careful when making your selection. Peas are delicious eaten raw and they often don’t make it to the table in our house. The beans are better in that regard and I often grow butter beans as they add some colour to the meal and grow reasonably well without too much trouble. They like a good watering about once a week and need a well composted soil to grow in. Runner beans need a trellis or some support to grow along but they are a tasty supplement to the table.


This vegetable is also good to grow because it is versatile, tasty and nice to eat cooked or raw. It is great for Pizza’s and salads or cooked in a casserole. As a vegetable it is quite easy to grow and I prefer to grow it in a bucket. They need plenty of water and when they are in flower, benefit from regular feeding with a plant food or fertilizer. This feeding should produce a reasonable amount of fruit. They come in three main colours, green, red and yellow. There is a nice orange one too but it is a bit expensive for my liking but it tastes good and adds a nice colour to the meal.

That’s four vegetables that are easy to grow and do not take up much time to look after and as a bonus these veggies taste good and are very useable.

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  1. I can relate to this article. I use to help my mother with her garden. I miss those times we spent together. You brought back happy memories.

  2. Your article is great, it reminded me of my grandpa’s garden, his vegetables always tasted better than store bought. He didn’t have many but the 5 or so he did grow were such fun to watch and his excitement just tending to them made it all the more worthwhile.
    Thanks Lucy!

  3. hi
    i love growing things i have just started garding club and i love it i am 11 bye

  4. hi
    we r growin stuff aswell hope u hav a nie time growin stuff

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