Some Benefits of Mango Fruit for Health

Benefits of Mango Fruit For Health.

Benefits of mango no doubt in these fruits because they contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins essential. Usually people like to eat tropical fruits this one because it is very tasty, but who would have thought a fruit that has the Latin name Mangifera indica has many health benefits.

Plants originating from India is widely grown throughout the country, including Indonesia. Ranging from small children to grandparents all love to eat fruit that has a sweet sour taste. But behind all that you know the real benefits of mangoes?
Mango Fruit Benefits for Health
benefits of fruit manggaKesehatan Eyes
Maybe we know if a mango is rich in vitamin C, but who would have thought it turned out healthy foods contain vitamin A, which is quite high. Mangoes can meet 25 percent of our daily requirement of vitamin A. In fact some research has shown if consumed regularly can mengurasi mango risk of night blindness.

Smooth Digestion
Mango is a good source of fiber. If you eat this fruit regularly then you can bet your chances of constipation are very small.

Statement, Preventing Stroke
Besides containing a variety of vitamins, it also contains potassium mango. Potassium is a substance that serves to stabilize blood pressure and heart rate. A study was able to prove by eating mangos every morning to prevent stroke by 40 percent.

Natural Antioxidants
As we know most fruits and vegetables have a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants in fruits of mango can assist the body in combating the effects of free radicals.
Mango Fruit Benefits For Beauty
Benefits of mango next is to brighten and soften skin naturally. Spread mango skin or leave on your face stuck in a little over ten minutes to clean the dirt and dead skin cells on your face. Besides the other benefits of mangoes is good for the diet.

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