Secrets to Orchid Growing

Orchids have always been one of my flowers. They are so beautiful but I have also learned these beauties are not all that easy to care for.

Orchids have always been one of my flowers. They are so beautiful but I have also learned these beauties are not all that easy to care for.

There are thousands of varieties of orchids. Some need more water than others and some need more or less sun.

The secrets I am about to share with you about successfully growing of these precious gems are easy and work for basically all varieties.

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First off no orchids like to sit in water. it will rot their root system and they will die. I water my orchids with ice cubes. That’s right I never ever pour water on top of them. Once a week I get 3 ice cubes from the freezer and lay them on top of the bark that surrounds my plants. This way my orchid is watered slowly and it never sits in water period!

Orchids like to be misted but I do not mist mine, I do wipe their leaves with a soft cloth to rid them of any dust but sometimes misting them will leave a residue on the leaves so this will keep that from happening. I do have my plants in the bathroom so they do get steam from the shower and that seems to be more than enough.

Next is being aware that your plants are not in the way of drafts. From windows, fans, or even from the air conditioning. If they do get exposed to draft they may die.

Most varieties also like lots of sun. Some more filtered but bright sun will surely bring your plant to its potential. My best advice is to keep your orchid in a very sunny area but not in the direct sunlight. This may cause black blotches to appear on the leaves and guess what that means? Your orchid got a sun burn. I keep my orchid in a very sunny room on the counter of my sink. It is not on the window sill which would be direct light and I have blinds on the windows so that also helps.

Orchids also like warm or hot days and cool nights. 65 degrees for a few hours at night will make them thrive then 85 degrees or so in the day.

Another thing to remember is that once orchids bloom they last for along time. Once the blooming period is over it is important to prune the plant. Wait until the plant sheds its last bloom then cut the stock just below the last blossom. If your plant is healthy enough this will spark another shot and another blossoming.

If you do have nice rich green thick leaves on your orchid then it would be advised not to let it bloom again but to give it a rest period by cutting the stem all the way down as far as you can. After you do this then if you need to re-pot the plant you may and also be sure to feed it some food made especially for orchids.

Re-potting is done any where from one year to two years. There wonders are very slow growing and do not need a huge pot. The best rule of thumb for knowing when it is time to be transplanted is when the roots are coming over the sides of the pot. Then re-pot in one size larger planter.

If your plant is healthy you may be lucky enough to have a baby orchid appear. Once the babies leaves have reached about 3 inches you may cut the baby from the mother plant and re-pot. The baby will be an exact replica of his other.

Fertilize once a month and you and your orchid should be very happy for years to come!

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  1. I didn’t know this about planting because when I plant something it always die. Thanks for sharing this information. Ver nice article.

  2. Beautiful flowers and great tips Linda!

  3. I didn’t know about planting this plant too. Good tips! Thanks and have my liked it.

  4. I love to take care of my garden and this article taught me something about orchid growing

  5. Beautiful pictures.
    Awesome article.
    My family has 3 different spots of flowers in our small front yard.

  6. Very nice pics. Great article as well. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I wish I’d seen this before I killed mine. I probably over watered it.
    Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  8. Beautiful orchids, great advices.

  9. Gorgeous orchids! Wonderful helpful tips, Linda.

  10. lots of stuff I didn’t know
    love the ice cubes advice
    picked up from Stumble

  11. My Orchid just shed it’s last flower:( and it is about 2 1/2 feet tall with two stalks. I had about 12 blooms on it for 6 months, so I am about to prune it and I am nervous. The tip has turned black, so I am wondering how many bud spots I should remover when trimming it. Should I cut back just the black part?
    Your post was great. I am new at this and obviously want to keep this thing alive!!!

  12. @ Amanda if I was you I would cut back till just beneath where the blossoms were or you can cut it all the way down. Sounds like your orchid is very healthy. I cut mine back right under the last blossom and it seems to be managing very well. If your plant is healthy enough after you cut it back you will either get it to bloom again or it will give you a new baby. If you get a baby do not remove it until it is at least three inches and then just plant it. I hope you get this message because I tried to send you a private message but it seems either you did not comment as a triond member or you are not one…lol…either way please let me know how you make out.

  13. Thanks, Linda!!!

  14. haha great idea for an article, my bags always a complete mess!!
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