Rock Garden Ideas

Rock Garden Ideas is all about designing a rock garden with great information from Asian and European rock garden designs.

There is a wide range of rock garden ideas to be found, and many of them follow forms of traditions, whether that is religious, or copying nature in miniature forms.  To create a rock first you must have access to a lot of rocks.  Of course this depends on the size of the project; many people create a small rock garden that looks just fabulous.  Even the placement of a few focal rocks can make a garden unique, and natural in form.

There are many different rock garden designs including an Herb Rock Garden, Japanese Rock Garden, Rain-forest Rock Garden and European Rock garden.  There are many more, but the basis forms around Asian or European designs.

 The Herb Rock Garden

An herb rock garden follows natural designs with herbs spilling and growing over the rocks.  The herbs are also planted in between the rock crevices and are allowed to creep through.   This can work very well because you plant the herbs in the cracks which are protected by the rocks themselves. 

Rock Garden Ideas - The rocks provide protection and also work as natural mulch.   Another benefit for planting in-between the rocks and in the crevices is that the rocks store heat through the day and release the heat through the night.  This can keep the herbs warm in cool weather, and through the winter.  By warming the roots through the evening this reduces up any shock from cold weather, thus creating more growth throughout the cooler periods.  This means more herbs for you to pick.

Rocks also wear over time and release minerals into the soil which plants can uptake through the root system for optimum health.

Rock Garden Ideas

Rock Garden Ideas the Japanese Rock Garden

A Japanese rock garden is designed following natural symmetry and imitating nature.  This design comes from a religious background such as Zen Buddhism and Taoism.   The Japanese have been creating wonderful rock gardens for centuries and have perfected the art into a ritual in some sense.  Most Japanese temples have their own rock garden.

To create a Japanese rock garden you do need to have the correct rocks.  These rocks need to be tall and rectangular or triangular in shape.  These rocks become your feature (focal point) and are placed imitating mountains with high peaks and possibly even snow.

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