Red Clay Treatment

Red Clay Treatment is good for our health.

Red clay consists of radium related chemical hence very useful for the patients who suffer from joint pains, arthritis, contusion in the joints and ankles. Patients who suffers form these complaints should be given a neat pack poultice of red soil kemmannu in Kannada mixed with water. This stone like lotion is a fine remedy in several cases especially for joint pains and contusion. Dough the mixture in the not so thinner lotion. Make a poultice of this lotion, smear if no a thick sheet of cloth cover it up in two rounds and round it up again in woolen cloth till the moisture gets dried up s that it gives the desired remedial result. In the same way spread the poultice like bandage on the naval to get rid of frequent constipation. It also helps in the curing pain in the abdomen. The red soil therapy is highly effective in getting rid of diseases pertaining to skin, skin allergy, itching sensation formation of rashes on the body, swelling caused by any insect sting and all other skin diseases. The red soil therapy is a fine remedy to those who are stung by the scorpion.

            Caution- Please follows strictly certain precautionary measures before or when u indulges in soil therapy. The mud or soil u use in the therapy should be perfectly clean, speckles and free from sand stones, small pebbles and dirty substances. In fact the soil around and ant hill is always ideal for use. One can notice especially in the rural areas how the villagers often use the red soil poultice device or therapy. You may have notices how the villagers set right the damaged bones of their cattle by binding the bones (affixing with slain thin bamboo sticks and the pack of red soil paste with a sheet of cloth). The bones thus dislocated get strengthened and injury can be healed sooner than one expected.

            Even in the vyayamashalalas or wrestling centers heaps of red soil are purposely spread and scattered. The reds oil is purposely spread and scatter4ed. The red soil treatment to the body, keeps wrestlers fit and strong possess higher resistance power and stamina.

            Generally red soil paste i.e. mixed with water is applied on the hands and legs affected by the wounds, swelling and sprain or even dislocation of bones. (Dry smearing on the red soil paste and gently caressing on the sprain or wounded part of the body, the pain is quickly alleviated and a lot of relief can experience.

            Sprain and other shooting pain contusion caused due to joint pains and arthritis problems can be easily solved through the red soil therapy. Just smear it wet at the joints and take rest for a while. A big pan or vessel can be used to allow the red soil paste concentrate on the joints. A cauldron like vessel, with a bigger and broader open space will prove effective and most useful in this therapy. 

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