Re-Grow Store Bought Green Onion

Did you know that Green Onions are a renewable grocery resource? You don’t even need to start from seed to grow your own green onion.

Why keep buying Green Onion from the store if you can do it yourself? Learn how to grow green onions (and keep them growing) from your grocery store leftovers!

Next time you are at the grocery store, save the roots of your green onions that you purchased from the store. After you use your green onions, don’t throw away the bottoms. Take the bottoms and clean off any dead roots or white skin.

Put some water in a glass or a small jar. Throw in your green onion ends with the roots down. Some people say you should just leave them in your fridge but I had much better luck putting them outside. As long as they have direct sunlight, your green onions should regrow completely in a few days

Watch and wait. After a few days, you will have long stalks of green onion ready to eat! You can keep doing this as long as your onions stay alive. Always leave the ends and prune them to keep them growing quickly!

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  1. Nice! I’ll tell that to my mom… Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a clever idea! I don’t have much success when I try to grow them from seed but I begrudge paying out the high prices from the supermarket. Can’t wait to get my next bunch!!!!!

  4. I knew about it but the only problem i had was that they turned into escellion. I might not be doing it correctly. I am going to try it your way. Thanks!

  5. This is true. I have tried this myself. I love green onions on my dishes so it’s so practical to regrow them.

  6. nice one. i’tt try this at home.

  7. Looks easy. I could do this. Thanks

  8. nice piece.. Thank you.

  9. just harvested my first crop of scallions :)

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