Pruning Azaleas: How to Prune Azalea Bushes

Pruning azaleas involves cutting away branches so that the plant doesn’t look cluttered. Pruning azaleas helps to improve the quality of azalea flowers produced.

Azaleas are also known as the ‘royalty of the garden’. Some azaleas are grown from seed while others can only be grown from cuttings.


White Azalea Flower-Image via Wikipedia

How to Prune Azalea Bushes: Timing is Key

Pruning azaleas just after they bloom lets you enjoy that year’s flowers. Azaleas bloom in spring and wilt after a few weeks. Azaleas flowers bloom in many different colors, including reddish orange, pink, purple and red. Azalea flowers may have stripes and flecks. Some azalea flowers have narrow petals while others have wide, round petals.


Flecked Azalea Flowers-Image via Wikipedia

How to Prune Azalea Bushes: Give it The Shape You Want

When pruning azaleas, dead flowers and dead leaves should be removed. Leaf pruning helps the plant to have a suitable shape. For example very slim trees may be pruned to help them develop a more full shape. Pruning azaleas requires care, especially with older branches, since these branches will break easily.


50-Year Old Azaleas-Image via Wikipedia

Pruning azaleas is done to shape the plant. To learn more about pruning and other gardening techniques, I recommend this eco-friendly gardening tutorial.

Azalea branches are cut away to train the azalea plants to have the shape that you want. Be careful to keep track of the number of branches you are cutting away. You don’t want to cut away too many branches while pruning azaleas, since that will make the plant weak.

How to Prune Azalea Bushes: Remove Suckers

When pruning azaleas, suckers should be removed. These grow in the elbows of the tree and from the base of the trunk. They spoil the shape of the azalea plant. 

Sometimes azalea branches grow in such a way that they obstruct a path or become bigger than the space that was planned for them. Pruning the azalea plants in this case helps them stay in their allotted space.

Azaleas have more branches towards the base of the trunk than the top. The branches nearer to the bottom are stronger than those at the top. Dead, diseased or weak branches should be cut away.

Azalea Flower-Image via Wikipedia

Pruning azaleas helps to maintain the health of the plant.

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