Protect Plants From Storm Damage

Keep plants from suffering damage during seasonal storms by taking steps early. A few preparation tips can save your plants from potential destruction.

Protect your plants from storm damage by preparing beforehand for inclement weather. The tips below can keep your plants safe from significant damage.

Stakes and Sheets

For frosty forecasts and early spring cold snaps, cover your plants to protect against cold damage. An old bed sheet or piece of tarp of plastic tarp will cover the plants sufficiently; add rocks or stakes at the corners to hold it down in case of winds.

Tarp Tent

For thunderstorms and windy weather, consider forming a tarp wall to protect your plants. Drive solid stakes in a wide circle around each section of plants, then wrap tarp and fasten in place with sturdy tape or staples. The protective wall or tent should help shield your plants from strong wind if you draw it tight and reinforce your tape.

Stake Your Plants

A few sturdy stakes driven alongside plants and young saplings can help keep them upright in cases of storms, hail, and heavy rain. To protect ripening fruit, use cheesecloth hammocks to support young vine veggies and help them not to break free.

Give your plants their best chance for survival by supporting them with available materials and a little extra time.

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