Protect Garden Plans From the Scorching Summer Sun

Keep your plants from overheating by sheltering them from the sun. A few tips can help your plants successfully survive the summer heat.

Protect your plants from the sweltering summer sun during the hottest months and protect your fall harvest from scorching to death. A few simple procedures can help ward off the sun’s extra rays from your plants and fruit.

Plant Parasols

Shade your plants from the sweltering sun using plant “parasols” made from wire frames with cheesecloth stretched over them. Adjustable wire and white cloth makes for moveable plant shelters which are easy to size and adjust to your garden’s needs.

Shade Shelter

Surround your plant beds or boxes with a small fence frame which makes it easy to drape with old linens or sheets of cardboard during the hottest part of the afternoon. This method works especially well for surrounding larger planted areas or whole sections of a garden.

Later Watering

Watering late in the day at the base of the plants will help cool the soil and keep plants from burning from sun heat as they would during a day watering. Soaker hoses can also provide cool evening moisture for plants feeling the withering summer sun.

A healthy garden needs protection from the hottest part of the day. Provide it with extra protection through a few simple garden supplies.

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