Propagating Grapes and Muscadine Vines

Grape and muscadine varieties are easy to plant, maintain, and propagate with a little practice. Sturdy and hardy, even young plants will quickly grow and reward you for your efforts.

Increase the size of your yard vineyard or backyard grape vines by propagating your existing plants with easy cutting methods. Create a new row of young vines with only a little time, patience, and some basic gardening supplies.

The easiest method for propagating grape vines is to bury a line of the existing vine in a little earth, leaving it connected to the main vine and letting a sprig of leaves be exposed. After a few weeks, the buried section will take root by itself — cut it free from the main vine and dig up the young plant for transplant to another section. Several varieties of grapevines can be easily propagated using this method; try a similar technique with muscadines and the aid of a little root hormone if desired.

To take cuttings directly from a grape or muscadine plant, a bottle of root hormone will be helpful in encouraging them to propagate. Dip the end of the cutting (including a nodule) into the solution, then follow the directions for burying the plant in earth. Use a pot for each cutting in order to monitor the cutting’s progress; keep the soil moist and branch unexposed to strong sunlight or withering heat until ready for transplant.

With a new line strung for your young plants, you’ll see how quickly these small vines spread and are ready to climb the support wire and form a new section in your yard.

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