Preparation Before Planting

This describes how to prepare your ground before planting to ensure the best success your with newly planted trees or plants. Many people will have this misconception that early November is not a good time of year for planting however; this is the time of year you should plant many of your bare-root trees and shrubs, including roses.

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In order for your plants be able to survive and adjust to the ground you are going to plant them in, the ground should be spaded or plowed quite a bit deeper than the nursery plants you are about to plant.

Be sure that the hole is large enough so that bare roots will not be overcrowded and are able to have the sufficient amount of space in order to be to spread. Balled or container material should have 6 to 8″ of space around it.

I usually dig a hole two- three times bigger then the root ball itself. When holes are dug in sod for trees or shrubs, space 2 or 3 feet around the plant and keep this cultivated or mulched for good plant growth. The soil at the bottom of the hole should be loose to 7 or 8 inches.

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Always use good soil and humus such as peat moss, rotted cow manure or leaf-mold mixed with the native soil that you dug out to fill the hole after planting. If you do not mix it with the native soil, normally what happens is, once the plants roots begin to spread into the soil surrounding them and hit the natural soil of the land, the natural soil will shock the plant and in most cases damage or kill it because the plants are only used to the type of soil you placed into the hole with it. This applies also to shrubs and trees.

Last but not least never fertilize newly set ground!

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