Pony Level Diablo Three

This is a guide on how to gain access to the secret pony level in diablo three.

This area and walkthrough guide will cover Whimsyshire in Diablo 3, otherwise known as Secret Pony Level, providing all the details on how to collect the base ingredients for the Staff of Herding and how to use it to enter the pony level itself, along with additional relevant information.


  • What is Whimsyshire?
  • How do you enter the Secret Level?
  • Assembling the Staff of Herding
    • Black Mushroom
    • Leoric’s Shinbone
    • Liquid Rainbow
    • Wirt’s Bell
    • Gibbering Gemstone
    • Staff of Herding Plans
  • Reaching The Entrance
  • Arrival at Whimsyshire

What is Whimsyshire?

Whimsyshire is the special secret level of Diablo 3, which is pretty hidden and requires a significant amount of effort to reach, let alone stumble upon without knowing about it beforehand. The story of how the level came to creation is actually quite similar to the Secret Cow Level from Diablo II, not to mention even references it (we’ll get to that later).

To give some back-story to the the secret level’s connection with each other, I will first explain the cow level for those who don’t already know. A long time ago while Diablo II was still in development, there was a screenshot released of one of the heroes fighting a Demonic Bovine wielding a large Halbred. Fans went kind of nuts and started asking/screaming about there being a cow level in the game, when the picture was just made as a joke. From there, the developers decided to get serious, thus the cow level was born.

With Diablo 3, there were some early development screenshots featuring a more cartoony color pallete than it’s present day iterartion. Tons of fans got up in arms over the style of graphics, complaining it might as well be filled with ponies and rainbows. You can pretty much guess what happened from there…

Thus the magical faraway land of Whimsyshire was born into existence, in a realm separate from Sanctuary, the High Heavens or the Burning Hells, where both angel and demon fear to tread, but the hero alone can purge this land of the horrors which inhabit it and threaten to spill over all known existence, forever corrupting it.

How do you enter the Secret Level?

There are two main tasks one must accomplish to reach Whimsyshire Diablo 3, which will be grouped into sub-steps to make things easier. Keep in mind that his is not meant to be an easy undertaking, and it is also best and pretty much necessary that you beat the game on normal before attempting this (much the same as the Cow Level in Diablo 2).

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