Plants to Keep Deer Out of the Garden

Keeping deer out of the garden can be a great challenge. Why not use plants that deer don’t like, and reduce the damage they can cause?

Bambi may be cute, but he and his Mom can destroy a garden faster than anything. Deer are one of the most destructive animals to visit your yard. If you wish to deter deer from munching on your gardens, try planting some of these attractive plants.


This silvery gray plant is a large perennial grow for its attractive foliage. Deer do not like it due to its strong smell.


There are many varieties of mints to grow in your garden. These plants repel deer due to their scent. Mint plants can spread so they are a good choice to grow in rows around the perimeter of your yard.

Obedient Plant

Obedient plant is a very tall perennial plant with long spiky leaves. It also has pink, purple, or white flowers that bloom in the summer. It is a rapid spreader that is undesirable to deer.


Deer will never bother your wisteria vines. They can grow and spread for many years, forming thick woody stems covered with purple flowers.

Butterfly Weed

This one to three foot tall perennial is unappetizing to deer. Their orange and yellow flowers will be safe.


Also called Digitalis, this plant is actually poisonous. Do not worry about killing deer in your garden though. They will not eat the tall stalks covered with flowers or the leaves.


If you have a natural type of garden, or love delicious berries, you can plant some thorny blackberry vines in your garden. They can even be used as a physical barrier to keep deer out.

Lamb’s Ears

Lamb’s ears is a perennial plant with soft, grey-green leaves and spikes of purple blossoms. They spread to form a ground cover or can be used as an accent plant.

Lemon Thyme

Many of the strong smelling herbs can deter deer from entering your garden. Deer especially do not like citrus scents, such that lemon thyme has. This herb is an attract plant to grow in your garden.


There are many types of holly, some large trees and others smaller shrubs. These plants make a prickly barrier that deer will not like to cross. Sometimes, keeping deer completely out of your yard is easier than keeping them away from gardens.

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  1. Wormwood works as well, deer don’t like to cross it and fennel works as well as deer don’t like the smell.

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