Otaheite Apples- Jamaican Apples

Jamaican apples are known as otaheite apples. Their flavor is enjoyed in baked apple recipes such as apple cookies, apple tarts and other apple pastry recipes.

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Jamaican apples

Otaheite Apple Tree

Sweet, tangy, crunchy pear shaped

Bunched on the branch high above my head

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Jamaican Apples 

Jamaican apples are known as otaheite apples. These Jamaican apples belong to the genus Syzygium and the family Myrtaceae. Its full scientific name is Syzygium malaccense. They are also known as Malay apples and rose apples.

At this time in Jamaica, the fruit are in season. They also ripen in September. They are shaped like pears but are sweet and crunchy. They are red on the outside and white on the inside. They have one single seed in the centre.

Like many other fruits, otaheite apples have significant medicinal value. An extract from the plant is used to help prevent vaginal infections. The root is used to treat dysentery and assist in osmoregulation. It is good for diabetics.

Otaheite Apples Origin

Otaheite apples are found in the Pacific Islands. At one point in time, Tahiti was known as Otaheite and this is how they got their name. The apples are native to these islands but have done well in other parts of the world. The fruit is used in sorbets, white wine, pies, sauces, jams and many beverages. The flavor of the apple goes well with ginger.

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Otaheite Apple Blossoms 

As a child, I enjoyed walking on the soft carpet that the blossoms form when they fall on the ground. It is a beautiful sight. If you get up early in the morning in Jamaica, when the bees are at work, you can hear and see them move from blossom to blossom.

The poem on otaheite apples is my response to a challenge issued by Triond writer Philly Dreamer. See his challenge on Fibonacci poetry here: http://scienceray.com/mathematics/poetry-challenge-fibonacci-poetry/

Happy writing.

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  1. I like that you chose to do the word count instead of syllables, and it’s cool to learn a little bit about apples from Jamaica.

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  30. It seems to me that Jamaica is one place with the most unique plant species? Could this be the secret behind their excellence in sports? I can bet, it is fruits like this that has made Bolt the kind of world class runner that he is!

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